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Player has retired.
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Background Information
NameAnthony Roberts
Country of Birth
United States
North America
Social Media & Links
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Team History
??? 2006 - ??? 2006
2009 - 2009
Logo std.pngUnder The Influence
??? 2008 - ??? 2009Classiclogo std.pngClassic
??? 2009 - ??? 2010Darkest Hourlogo std.pngDarkest Hour

Anthony "AnT" Roberts is a retired player most notable for his time with Classic.


Halo 2

AnT's first Halo event on record is MLG Anaheim 2006, where he played on Under the Influence alongside Legend, TalenT and Game. They finished in 15th place. Ant sat out the rest of the 2006 season as well as the entire 2007 season.

Halo 3

AnT burst into the top 8 as part of team Classic alongside Legend, FeaR and Soldier187 at the Halo 3 kickoff event, MLG Meadowlands 2008. Though the players did not have a history of success at LAN events, they had been successful online in Halo 3's infancy, and looked to translate that success into a high placing at the event. They did just that, taking 2nd place and falling only to Final Boss in the finals. Classic returned at the following event in San Diego, but managed only a 5th place finish. The team attempted to rebound with a roster change, replacing Fear with Naded, but they only managed a 10th place finish at the following event in Orlando. They quickly replaced Naded with Victory X, and returned to a top spot with a 4th place finish in Toronto. AnT's team then made the decision to replace Legend with Victory's former teammate Mackeo, and the team went on to close out the 2008 season with two 6th place finishes in Dallas and Las Vegas.

The original Classic lineup reunited for the Meadowlands 2009 season opener, but after a dismal 13th place finish, it didn't last long. AnT was dropped from Classic, and went on to attend the following event in Columbus with a last minute team - Scraper Bike - which didn't make it out of the Open bracket. He skipped the next event and returned at MLG Anaheim as part of The Influence alongside TwYLighT, Batmayne and TalenT. The team took 12th place at the event, and returned at the Orlando National Championships as Darkest Hour. They closed out the 2009 season with another 12th place finish.

Ant and Twylight stuck together on Darkest Hour to kick off 2010, dropping Talent and Batmayne in favor of Cpt Anarchy and Ant's former Classic teammate - Legend. They finished 7th at the kickoff event in Orlando. At the following event in Columbus however, the same roster could only muster a 16th place finish. This would be Ant's final placing in an MLG Championship Bracket, and he would retire shortly after.



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Minimum place
Tournament tier
AnT Tournament Results
2021-12-114 College Halo Infinite Kickoff TournamentGrand Canyon University Purplelogo std.pngGCUP Fanatic •  Ant •  Micha •  Ray
2010-10-1713 - 16 MLG Washington, D.C. 2010Carbonlogo std.pngCbN Chig •  SKHalogod •  Soldi3r187 •  Walshy •  AnT
2010-06-0613 - 16 MLG Columbus 2010Darkest Hourlogo std.pngDH Legend •  TwYLighT •  Cpt Anarchy •  AnT
2010-04-187$2,000$ 2,000$2,000 MLG Orlando 2010Darkest Hourlogo std.pngDH TwYLighT •  AnT •  Legend •  Cpt Anarchy
2010-01-1011 - 12 MLG National Championship 2009Darkest Hourlogo std.pngDH TalenT •  AnT •  TwYLighT •  BaTMaYnE
2009-11-089 - 12 MLG Anaheim 2009Logo std.pngTHE  TwYLighT •  AnT •  BaTMaYnE •  TalenT
2009-04-0513 - 16 MLG Meadowlands 2009Classiclogo std.pngCls AnT •  Soldi3r187 •  Legend •  FeaR
2008-11-236$14,000$ 14,000$14,000 MLG National Championship 2008Classiclogo std.pngCls Soldi3r187 •  AnT •  Victory X •  Mackeo Towey
2008-10-056$2,800$ 2,800$2,800 MLG Dallas 2008Classiclogo std.pngCls Soldi3r187 •  AnT •  Victory X •  Mackeo
2008-08-244$5,600$ 5,600$5,600 MLG Toronto 2008Classiclogo std.pngCls LegendJRG •  AnT •  Soldi3r187 •  Victory X
Total Prize:USD 24,400

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