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Beach LAN 5 FFA
Beach lan 2016.png
Tournament Information
Location & Dates
GameHalo CE
United States
Start Date2016-08-06
End Date2016-08-13
WinnerLogo std.pngLegend
SecondLogo std.pngPatch


This is the 5th installment of the Beachlan series hosted by McDick. Beachlan is the main annual event for Halo Combat Evolved. The Beach Lan is simply a big lan event with a tournament thrown in the middle. 16 teams signed up for the tournament. FFA was used to seed pool play. Pool play was then used to seed the double elimination bracket. Unlike last time where teammates were assigned based on rankings, this time everyone was able to team with whoever they wanted. Because of this, the two horsemen in attendance (Patch & Legend) teamed up and easily took the tournament.


  • FFA tournament to seed for the main tournament. Likely won't have prizes for FFA.
  • FFA's will seed into Pool Play.
  • Pool Play will be used to see the Double Elimination bracket.
  • Rounds will be Bo3 until 8 teams are left for the Championship Bracket. At that point it should be Bo5
  • Maps will be predetermined for rounds and not feature a pick/ban system.

Game Types and Maps

  • 2v2 Team Slayer; first to 50
  • Maps allowed: Chillout, Prisoner, Hang em High, Damnation, Derelict, Battle Creek, & Downrush
  • A third xbox will serve as the host box so no team gets host advantage.
  • Version of CE: Halo 1 Final: NHE beta-V5

FFA Results

Astro A40s were rewarded to the first place winner. Trophies were handed out to the top 3.

PlacementIcon1.png 1Logo std.pngLegendLegend
PlacementIcon2.png 2Logo std.pngPatchPatch
PlacementIcon3.png 3Logo std.pngDoughboyDoughboy
4Logo std.pngNisticNistic
5Logo std.pngJownsJowns
6Primelogo std.pngPrimePrime
7Logo std.pngWordsWords
8Logo std.pngSiNSin


McDick BR Baby (Skeletor) Devilman Pucket Bonesaw Patch Legend Killer Finny Doughboy
Zephy Words Toxin Fight Jownz Gazzo Solshy Achilles Cujjer Mighty
King Nick The Bo Teapot Hard Way O4 Sin Trix ColonPee Poonmaster Walker
Alpine Wonder Poseidon Jeenyus Relyx Spud Ryanoob PhatBastard Droid Zakkonfire
Seen Prophet Ace (FL) Axel H1 Magix Prime Unit Nistic Hallaster Black


  • Players must use their designated tags throughout the tournament.
  • For example, "McDick" must play as "McDick", not McDongle, McDucker, McCasual etc.
  • You can not use a blank name.
  • You cannot use the same name as your partner.
  • Players are responsible for making sure their controller settings are correct prior to the game starting.
  • If your controller settings are not correct you will have to play the game out with the wrong controller settings unless the other team consents to a restart. The match will be replayed in full.
  • In the event of a tie game, the match must be replayed on the same map.
  • Players are NOT allowed to quit out of the game.
  • If a player does quit out of a game (start, up, A) it will result in a instant disqualification and forfeiture of that game. Games will not be re-played.
  • Players will NOT be allowed to use portals to intentionally force players outside of the map.
  • Accidents can happen in Halo CE. If the previous does happen, 5 players at random will be selected to review the play after the game is over and determine whether it was intentional or not. If the committee determines it is intentional than that team will be disqualified and again will result in a forfeit. *This is assuming all stations will be capped*
  • Players are NOT allowed "Out Of Bounds" on any maps. One exception is Chill Out
  • Players ARE allowed to enter the top of shotgun room on Chill Out.

FFA Tournament Settings:

All FFA games will be set to Slayer Pro on Derelict.

  • Score to win = 50 kills
  • Radar = On
  • Suicide Penalty = Off
  • Respawn Time = 5 seconds
  • Equipment Set = Generic
  • Single Elimination
  • Rounds #1 and #2 consist of full 8 man games. Top 4 advance.
  • Rounds #3 will feature 6 man games due to number of players attending. Top 4 advance.
  • Round #4 will be the Championship Round. Top 8 will play two games and add the scores. (This is done to ensure the best player has the best shot of winning instead of someone winning on a fluke)

2v2 Tournament Settings:

All 2v2 games will be set to Team Slayer.

  • Score to win = 50 kills
  • Radar = Off
  • Respawn Time = 5 seconds
  • Suicide Penalty = Off
  • Death Bonus = Off
  • Kill Penalty = Off
  • Equipment Set = Generic


Grand finals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bwF3naZRg8

FFA Finals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7xVy8bQLe4



Prize Pool

The prize pool was provided by these invidiuals

  • CodyDragon (WeedMaps) - $2,250
  • anonymous - $565
  • Saucey and Beyond Entertainment - $250
  • Sal1ent (343 dev) - $200, 4 Astro A40 Headsets + Halo Mod Kits, 5 Digital Deluxe Halo 5 Guardians download codes.
  • Teapot- $200
  • NAK - $25
  • HiipFire - $10