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Background Information
NameScott Holste
Country of Birth
United States
BirthdayOctober 2, 1991 (age 29)
North America
TeamSage eSportslogo std.pngSage eSports
Social Media & Links
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Team History
??? 2007 - ??? 2007Logo std.pngJoKe a ChoKe
??? 2007 - ??? 2007Logo std.pngRainbow Riders
??? 2007 - ??? 2008Believe the Hypelogo std.pngBelieve the Hype
??? 2008 - ??? 2008VVv Ambushlogo std.pngAmbush
??? 2009 - ??? 2009Believe the Hypelogo std.pngBelieve the Hype
??? 2010 - ??? 2010Eon Instinctlogo std.pngInstinct
??? 2011 - ??? 2011CoL Final Bosslogo std.pngFinal Boss
??? 2011 - ??? 2011Dynastylogo std.pngDynasty
??? 2011 - ??? 2011Believe the Hypelogo std.pngBelieve the Hype
??? 2012 - ??? 2012VVv Ambushlogo std.pngAmbush
??? 2012 - ??? 2013Believe the Hypelogo std.pngBelieve the Hype
Dec 2014 - Mar 2015Denial Esportslogo std.pngDenial Esports
Mar 2015 - Dec 2015Counter Logic Gaminglogo std.pngCounter Logic Gaming
Dec 2015 - Dec 2015Believe the Hypelogo std.pngBelieve the Hype
Dec 2015 - Jan 2016Logo std.pngLeftovers
Jan 2016 - Jan 2016Team Envylogo std.pngTeam Envy
Jan 2016 - May 2016Cloud9logo std.pngCloud9
Jun 2016 - Jul 2016Logo std.pngFrench Toast Mafia
Jul 2016 - Sep 2016Denial Esportslogo std.pngDenial Esports
Nov 2016 - Dec 2016Pnda Gaminglogo std.pngPnda Gaming
Jan 2017 - Feb 2017Logo std.pngSheesh Gaming
Feb 2017 - Apr 2017Wise Gaminglogo std.pngWise Gaming
May 2017 - May 2017Believe the Hypelogo std.pngBelieve the Hype
May 2017 - Jul 2017Wise Gaminglogo std.pngWise Gaming
Jul 2017 - Sep 2017Logo std.pngFrench Toast Mafia
Dec 2018 - Dec 2018Believe the Hypelogo std.pngBelieve the Hype
Dec 2018 - Apr 2019Lux Gaminglogo std.pngLux Gaming
May 2019 - PresentSage eSportslogo std.pngSage eSports

Scott "Cloud" Holste is a Halo esports player, currently a player for Sage eSports. He is well known for his history with teams such as Believe the Hype, Instinct and Counter Logic Gaming.


Scottie Holste was born on October 2, 1991.

Halo 2

Scottie "Cloud" Holste started his professional career at MLG Charlotte 2007 with Anthrax, Maniac and Death on Team Joke a Choke placing top 32. He then attended Meadowlands as a member of Rainbow Riders with Hysteria, Rudy and Unknown God, finishing 17th. He found a home on Believe the Hype alongside Hysteria for the remainder of the year. They attended Dallas with Rudy and FrozenInShook, finishing 18th. Rudy was swapped for B Rizzzle for Chicago where they finished in 14th. They dropped both for Orlando in favor of Eli and Joe and they again finished 14th. Eli was switched with Perplexity for Vegas and they finished in 11th. In the 1v1 portion of the event, Cloud went on a huge run, winning the playoff bracket and going all the way to the Finals against KGB Soviet in the Championship Bracket. After winning the first series over Soviet, Cloud lost the decider and narrowly missed out on becoming a National Champion.

Halo 3

Cloud continued to play on BtH, now with Heinz, Mudvayne and NeXuS, starting the year off with a 9th place finish in Meadowlands. Mudvayne was replaced with sSilent for San Diego and they finished in 6th place. For Orlando Gun ShoT and Eli replaced Heinz and NeXuS and the squad placed 9th. Cloud then left to rejoin Heinz and NeXuS, now on Ambush with iGotUrPistola, for the remainder of the year. The team would finish 5th in Toronto and 4th in Dallas.

2009 saw Cloud play with Demon D on Believe the Hype all year. They played with Clutch and Sypher at Meadowlands grabbing 3rd place. Sypher was swapped for Soviet in Columbus and they finished 6th. Clutch was replaced by Maniac for Dallas and the team placed 9th. Clutch would then rejoin, in place of Soviet, for the rest of the year. They finished 5th at Anaheim and won the MLG Orlando National Championships.

Cloud joined Instinct for all of 2010 with Roy, Lunchbox and ElamiteWarrior. The team won both Orlando and Columbus, giving Cloud three straight event wins, before finally being taken down during the finals in Raleigh. They then finished 6th in MLG D.C. and 3rd in Dallas.

Halo: Reach

Cloud rejoined Believe The Hype for Dallas, now with Clutch, Maniac and A Pure Gangster, where they came in 3rd. APG was then swapped out for Neighbor before Colubmus and they finished 13th. Cloud then left for Final Boss with Totz, Fearitself and Victory X, to get an 8th place finish in Anaheim. He then went to Dynasty for Raleigh finishing 4th with Heinz, Snip3down and Tizoxic. He and Snip3down then rejoined Maniac on Believe the Hype, alongside Reliable for Orlando and Providence where they placed 12th and 3rd. He returned to Ambush for the MLG Winter Championship 2012 with APG, Formal and Heinz, getting 3rd.

Halo 4

Cloud returned to Believe The Hype for Halo 4. Alongside Maniac, he would team with Assault and Lethul for the MLG Fall Championship 2012, getting 7-8th. They then attended three AGL events and UMG Chicago 2013 with a revolving roster, their best placing being 2nd at AGL 6 Pittsburgh alongside Enable and Dersky.

Halo 2: Anniversary

Cloud started the inaugural HCS season as a part of Denial eSports with Mikwen, Chig and Ryanoob. At Iron Games Columbus 2014 they placed a disappointing top 12 with Clutch subbing in for Chig, but with the full roster, Denial won UGC St. Louis 2015, knocking off powerhouse teams Evil Geniuses and Counter Logic Gaming. The team wouldn't fare quite as well at Gamers For Giving 2015, taking home 5th place. Denial went into the season finals at PAX East 2015 as the #3 seed and again underperformed, placing 5-6th.

Shortly after the end of season 1, Cloud would part ways with Denial to join Counter Logic Gaming alongside OGRE2, SnakeBite and Royal2.[8] His first event with CLG would result in a 5th place finish at Iron Games Atlanta 2015. The new roster started off on a low note, finishing 5th at Iron Games Atlanta 2015, but things improved at HCS Indianapolis, where they finished 2nd. CLG again fell to EG in the finals at the HCS Season 2 Finals, ending the season with a 2nd place finish.

Halo 5: Guardians

On December 2, after underperforming in online scrims with CLG, Cloud was released from the team.[9] He was a member of Leftovers alongside Spartan, Victory X and Commonly, but was dropped from the team after the third Qualifying Cup. He spent a short time on Team EnVyUs before forming Triggers Pound with Assault, Hysteria and Danoxide. Triggers Pound qualified for Halo World Championship 2016 by placing top 8 at the NA Regional Finals, and the team was signed by Cloud9 shortly after. At Worlds, Cloud9 finished top 16, the only North American team to finish out of the top 8.

After Worlds, Cloud was unsuccessful in finding a team to qualify for Pro League, so he instead set his sights on the Open Circuit, teaming up with Rammyy, Gabriel and Musa as French Toast Mafia. They were signed by Denial eSports after successfully qualifying for the Relegation event. At Relegation, Denial defeated OpTic Gaming in WBR1, but were then defeated by Team Liquid and OpTic in a rematch in both of their chances to clinch a spot in the Fall season.

After Relegation, Cloud formed a new squad with RyaNoob, Aries and Str8 SicK called Elite Four. They took 2nd place at 2050 Chattanooga, narrowly losing to the only Pro League team in attendance - Enigma6 Group. Elite Four then started competing in the Fall 2016 Open Circuit with Renegade replacing Aries. After the first week, Renegade and Str8 SicK left and were replaced by Goofy and BrainStrm. The team broke up shortly after. Cloud then briefly revived Believe the Hype alongside DEMON D, Galaxy and King Nick, but the team was quickly broken up as Cloud left to join Pnda Gaming alongside Goofy, RyaNoob and Gabriel. With a top 4 finish at UGC St. Louis, Pnda immediately looked like a top amateur team. At ME Las Vegas, Pnda failed to qualify for HCS/North America/Pro League/Fall 2016/Relegation, placing 4th in the Open Circuit Finals and top 12 in the main tournament.

Going into Worlds season, Cloud joined Team Randa alongside Randa, TireIron and Vtec for UGC St. Louis, where they finished in the top 12. Replacing Vtec with Gabriel, the team then changed its name to Sheesh Gaming and took 2nd place in the ESML Season Finals. Cloud then joined Wise Gaming alongside BotchyHawk, ROB THE TURTLE and KuavoKen. After a top 12 finish at ME Las Vegas and a top 6 finish in the LCQ, Wise was unable to qualify for Worlds.

Going into the Summer season, Wise Gaming built a new team around Cloud, recruiting TiZoXiC, Juziro and Artic. At UMG Daytona, Wise finished in the top 12. He briefly returned to Believe the Hype alongside DEMON D, Gilkey and PiLEZ for the LCQ in which they finished top 6. Cloud then returned to Wise Gaming. The departing Juziro and Artic were replaced by DEMON D and Sorrell. After mixed results early in the Open Circuit season, Sorrell was replaced by Calm Mentality.



This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place
Tournament tier
Cloud Tournament Results
2020-12-139 - 12 Esports Arena $1000 4v4 Variant 2020-12-13Logo std.pngTURB Cloud •  Nemassist •  Boamx •  Fate
2020-12-064 Esports Arena $1000 4v4 Variant 2020-12-06Logo std.pngTURB Cloud •  Nemassist •  Rammyy •  Stress
2020-11-297 - 8 Esports Arena $1000 4v4 Variant 2020-11-29Logo std.pngTURB Cloud •  Nemassist •  Rammyy •  Stress
2020-11-289 - 16 Halo 5 Pro Series Season 2 NA Week 3Logo std.pngTURB Cloud •  Aries •  Nemassist •  Rammyy
2020-11-219 - 12 Halo 5 Pro Series Season 2 NA Week 2Logo std.pngWASH Nemassist •  Fresh •  Cloud •  Aries
2020-11-159 - 12 Esports Arena $1000 4v4 Variant 2020-11-15Logo std.pngWASH Cloud •  Nemassist •  Rammyy •  DasTroyed
2020-11-145 - 8 Halo 5 Pro Series Season 2 NA Week 1Logo std.pngWASH Cloud •  Nemassist •  Dastroyed •  Fresh
2020-11-017 - 8 Esports Arena $1000 4v4 Variant 2020-11-01Logo std.pngALL  Cloud •  Brainstorm •  Boamx •  Eli Elite
2019-09-087 - 8$1,500$ 1,500$1,500 UGC Halo Classic Atlantic City 2019Logo std.pngTHE  Cloud •  Zurka •  Omega •  Porky J
2019-06-222$200$ 200$200 Skirmish Pro $800 4v4 Variant 2019-06-22Sage eSportslogo std.pngSage Cloud •  RyaNoob •  Goofy •  Commonly
Total Prize:USD 1,700






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