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Team has disbanded.
Counter Logic Gaming
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Team Information
Org Location
United States
North America
Astro Gaming
CreatedOrganization: 2010-04-16
Halo Division: 2014-11-10
DisbandedHalo Division: 2016-09-14
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Counter Logic Gaming is a North American esports organization founded in April 2010.


Halo 2: Anniversary

CLG entered the Halo scene on November 10, 2014, recruiting the Shoot to Kill roster of Heinz, OGRE2, SnakeBite, and Royal 2. CLG's first live tournament was Iron Games Columbus 2014, the first event of HCS Season 1. CLG won the event, defeating Evil Geniuses in the finals. As the #1 seed going into UGC St. Louis 2015, CLG started out strong, but were upset by Denial eSports in the Winners' Finals. CLG defeated EG in the Losers' Finals for a rematch with Denial in the Finals, but could not defeat the underdog squad, placing 2nd overall.

Over the following weeks, CLG looked to keep hold on the #1 seed through strong performances in the HCS Cups. They managed to win Cup #3, defeating Denial in the process, but lost to the newly formed Noble Black roster in the last two cups, casting doubt on how the team would fare at Gamers For Giving 2015. When the time for the event came, CLG started off strong, powering through the early competition and sweeping Noble black. Unfortunately for CLG, they were then upset and swept out of the Winners' Bracket by OpTic Gaming. In Losers' CLG were nearly eliminated by Cloud9, but managed to come back from a 2 game deficit and a large Cloud9 lead in Game 5 to stay alive. CLG then exacted revenge on OpTic, taking a 3-1 series victory and moving on for another finals against Evil Geniuses. This time, EG swept CLG, winning their first of many HCS tournaments to come. CLG went into the HCS Season 1 Finals as the 2nd seed. They first faced eLevate in WB Round 1, sweeping them 3-0. In Round 2, they won a very close series against Denial eSports 3-2. In the WB Finals, they lost another close series to season-rivals Evil Geniuses, sending them into the Losers' Finals where they faced off against Noble Black. After an extremely close series with 4 replays of game 5 due to draws, CLG emerged victorious, defeating Noble Black 3-2 to move onto the finals against EG. In the finals, CLG was swept 3-0 by EG, ending their tournament and their season with another 2nd placing. CLG's average placing in HCS Season 1 was 1.75. Their total winnings amounted to $26,500.

On March 13, 2015, Heinz confirmed on Twitter that he had been released from the organization. It was announced later in the day that CLG had acquired Cloud, formerly of Denial eSports, to take his place. At Iron Games Atlanta 2015, the new CLG came out strong, coming back from a 2-0 deficit to defeat Cloud9. They then lost a close series to Evil Geniuses 3-2 and were sent into the losers' bracket. In Losers Round 7, they were defeated by Winterfox in 4 games. They defeated OpTic Gaming 3-0 in consolation to take 5th place, their first HCS LAN placing below 2nd. CLG had another top 6 finish in the first online cup of the season. Following this cup, OGRE2 went on vacation, leaving CLG with sub Clutch to fill his role for the next two cups. With Clutch, CLG placed top 16 and top 8 in the next two cups. OGRE2's return would not immediately lead to better fortunes for CLG, with another top 8 finish in Cup 4, but the following week, they earned their highest placing of the season, finishing 3rd in Cup 5. They repeated their 3rd place finish in in Cup 6 before finishing top 8 in the final cup of the season. CLG went into HCS Indianapolis with the 5th seed. They were knocked out of the winners bracket relatively early on by Cloud9, but staged a dramatic losers' bracket run, sweeping Reality Check and OpTic Gaming before defeating Winterfox and Denial eSports in extremely close series' to make it to the grand finals against the familiar Evil Geniuses. Though they were able to take the first game from EG, EG would take the next three to defeat CLG. Despite the loss in the finals, CLG moved up to the fourth seed going into the HCS Season 2 Finals. At the finals, CLG came out strong taking out Cloud9 in 4 games. They then faced off against Evil Geniuses and lost 3-1. In the Losers' Bracket, CLG defeated OpTic Gaming 3-1, Cloud9 again 3-1, and Denial eSports 3-1 to emerge into the Grand Finals, where they once again met up with EG. They managed to defeat EG for the first time in Season 2, but came up short in the extended series, losing 3-0 and ending their tournament and season with another 2nd place finish. CLG's average placing in HCS Season 2 was 3.00. Their total winnings amounted to $44,800.

Halo 5: Guardians

On December 2, 2015, CLG announced the release of Cloud and the acquisition of Frosty. After four NA Qualifying cups with the roster of Frosty, SnakeBite, Royal2 and OGRE2, the rest of the team parted ways with OGRE2 and brought in LethuL from Evil Geniuses, a move which caused a hurricane of team changes in the NA scene. The new roster's first event was the X Games Aspen 2016 invitational. CLG were undefeated until the finals, including a 3-0 victory over EG in Group Play. In the finals, CLG were defeated by EG 4-3, leaving many to question whether Lethul made a smart move or not. The critics were silenced at the HWC 2016 NA Regional Finals, where CLG went undefeated, taking out Noble eSports, eLevate and OverDrive in their group, sweeping Renegades and Evil Geniuses in the bracket, and defeating Denial eSports in the finals, marking CLG's first Halo event win since Iron Games Columbus 2014. At Worlds, CLG went undefeated, sweeping their group 3-0 and defeating Evil Geniuses (3-0), Denial (4-2) and Team Allegiance (4-0) en route to becoming the first ever Halo World Champions.

On April 12, 2016, the HCS Pro League was officially announced. CLG were given a bye into the Pro League due to their Halo World Championship victory, with all other teams having to qualify through a series of online and live event qualifiers. CLG went undefeated in the Pro League until Week 4, where following a very close victory over Team EnVyUs, CLG were defeated 3-1 by Enigma6 Group, who they had 3-0d two weeks prior. This was CLG's first loss, and the first time they had even been down in a series, since X Games Aspen 2016. The next week, CLG were forced to sit the ill Royal2 out and use Abel "Rammyy" Garcia as a temporary sub. With Rammyy on board, they nonetheless went 2-0 on the week. CLG ended the season with a near perfect 13-1 record, securing 1st place in the League. At the Season Finals, CLG went 3-0, claiming 1st place. On September 14, the day of the start of the Fall Season, CLG announced their departure from the Halo scene, with OpTic Gaming acquiring the dominant roster.


  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016

Player Roster



PlayerRoleJoinedLeftNext Team

LethuLTony Campbell Jr.PlayerJan 20162016-01-22Sep 20162016-09-14OpTic Gaminglogo std.pngOG

FrostyBradley BergstromPlayerDec 20152015-12-02Sep 20162016-09-14OpTic Gaminglogo std.pngOG

Royal2Mathew FiorantePlayerNov 20142014-11-10Sep 20162016-09-14OpTic Gaminglogo std.pngOG

SnakeBitePaul DuartePlayerNov 20142014-11-10Sep 20162016-09-14OpTic Gaminglogo std.pngOG

OGRE2Tom RyanPlayerNov 20142014-11-10Jan 20162016-01-22Team Envylogo std.pngENVY

CloudScott HolstePlayerMar 20152015-03-13Dec 20152015-12-02Logo std.pngLEFT

HeinzRichie HeinzPlayerNov 20142014-11-10Mar 20152015-03-13Denial Esportslogo std.pngDNL



C ID Name Position
HotshotGG George Georgallidis President/Owner
Mylixia Devin Nash CEO
MaTTcom Matthew Marikian General Manager


C ID Name Position Next Team
Royal1 Chris Fiorante 80Coach OpTic Gaminglogo std.pngOpTic Gaming
Clutch Wes Price 80Coach None

Team Achievements

This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place
Tournament tier
Counter Logic Gaming Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
2016-07-311$75,000$ 75,000$75,000 HCS Pro League North America Summer 2016 Finals SnakeBite •  Royal2 •  Frosty •  LethuL Royal1
2016-07-151$13,000$ 13,000$13,000 HCS Pro League North America Summer 2016 Regular Season SnakeBite •  Royal2 •  Frosty •  LethuL Royal1
2016-05-311 HCS Pro League Preview Tournament 2016 SnakeBite •  Royal2 •  Frosty •  LethuL Royal1
2016-03-201$1,000,000$ 1,000,000$1,000,000 Halo World Championship 2016 SnakeBite •  Royal2 •  Frosty •  LethuL Clutch
2016-02-211$20,000$ 20,000$20,000 Halo World Championship 2016 North America Regional Finals SnakeBite •  Royal2 •  Frosty •  LethuL Clutch
2016-01-312$10,000$ 10,000$10,000 X Games Aspen 2016 SnakeBite •  Royal2 •  Frosty •  LethuL Clutch
2016-01-241$1,000$ 1,000$1,000 Halo World Championship 2016 North America Qualifier 5 SnakeBite •  Royal2 •  Frosty •  LethuL Clutch
2016-01-173 - 4 Halo World Championship 2016 North America Qualifier 4 SnakeBite •  Royal2 •  OGRE2 •  Frosty Clutch
2016-01-101$1,000$ 1,000$1,000 Halo World Championship 2016 North America Qualifier 3 SnakeBite •  Royal2 •  OGRE2 •  Frosty Clutch
2016-01-033 - 4 Halo World Championship 2016 North America Qualifier 2 SnakeBite •  Royal2 •  OGRE2 •  Frosty Clutch
Total Prize:USD 1,120,000


  • 2015


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