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Background Information
NameThomas Loffredo
Country of Birth
United States
BirthdayMarch 2, 1996 (age 25)
North America
TeamApeX Str8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8 Rippin
Social Media & Links
Infobox Youtubelogo std.png
Team History
May 2014Logo std.pngStrafe
Nov 2014Fatal Ambitionlogo std.pngFatal Ambition
Dec 2014Logo std.png2 Pump Chumps
Jan 2015ISolation eSportslogo std.pngiSolation eSports
Feb 2015Logo std.pngStrafe
May 2015Reality Checklogo std.pngReality Check
Dec 2015Team Orbitlogo std.pngTeam Orbit
Jan 2016 - Apr 2016Winterfoxlogo std.pngWinterfox
Apr 2016 - PresentApeX Str8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8 Rippin

Thomas "Domey" Loffredo is a player currently for Str8 Rippin.


Thomas "Domey" Loffredo is a up-and-coming Halo player, who made his debut at the end of Halo 4. He has multiple achievements throughout H4 and MCC, including 3 very respectable FFA Championships, multiple Top 16 HCS Placings, a top 8 placing in HCS Cup #7, and most recently a Top 12 finish at the PGL Indianapolis 50K event.

Halo 4

Domey made his debut near the end of Halo 4 with his team "Strafe" which was made up of Domey, DramiS, FloppiE, and I Dodge Bulletz. They began making noise in the Online Qualifiers held by Iron Gaming before the event in Atlanta in 2014. Strafe drew a lot of attention by defeating team "Reality Check", which consisted of Suddoth 1, Suddoth 2, Toxic, and Ninja, who was subbing for NB Tie in the qualifier. They also defeated "Straight Shooters" made up by Hoaxer, Elumnite, ThuggishKilla, and Aries cAries, who would go on to win the event in Atlanta. Strafe finished with a strong 2nd place in the qualifier. In Atlanta, Strafe would face off once again versus team Reality Check for a spot in the Winners Bracket Finals. Strafe came out firing as they took game 1 after a triple kill with sniper from "I Dodge Bulletz". Reality Check answered right back in Game 2 winning 5-4 in overtime on Adrift CTF. The beginning of Game 3 showed RC with a 10 kill lead, but Strafe climbed back with a huge triple kill from "DramiS" to win game 3 and clutch the series 2-1, and sending Reality Check to the Losers Bracket. They would end up losing to Straight Shooters in the Winners Bracket Finals, and again to Uprising in the Losers Bracket Finals, finishing with a respectable 3rd place. For Domey however, the event was not yet over. Before the Grand Finals the FFA Semi-Finals and Finals were played. After placing 2nd in his semi-finals match, Domey struggled in the FFA finals, holding down the 5th/6th spots. However in the last minute Domey went off, getting back-to-back triple kills to steal 1st place from Russo, who had maintained the lead practically the entire match. Domey walked away with a GAEMS Vanguard monitor as his prize. Domey competed in the FFA at the following event in Chattanooga as well, making it look easy maintaining the lead for the entire game and winning by a 9 kill margin. Domey walked away with a $300 check for his victory.

The following event was RTX, which held the most prize money for a Halo 4 4v4 event. Strafe matched up against Reign 8-12 (Ambush) consisting of Formal, Lethul, APG, and Heinz. Ambush won 2-0 sending Strafe to the losers bracket. After defeating "Reflex", they lost 1-2 against "Prometheans" Which was made up of ContrA, PreDevonator, and Blaze. Strafe finished with a 7th/8th placing. Domey was also a Semi-Finalist in the RTX Free-For-All.

Halo 2: Anniversary

Team Strafe finally disbanded when some of their members could not attend the first event for MCC, which was IG Columbus. Domey joined "2 Pump Chumps" alongside of Ay Ay Ace, TyleReign, and Zaharrias. The weekend before IG Columbus Iron Gaming held a seeding free-for-all that would serve to seed unranked teams and act as a tiebreaker for teams with equal amounts of HCS points. Domey took 1st place in this FFA, notably defeating TSquared, Naded, Ninja, Str8 SicK, Prototype, Arkanum, and numerous other Pros. At Columbus, 2 Pump Chumps fell to CLG in Winners Bracket and then EVL in Losers Bracket Round 5 to secure a Top 16 finish.

Soon after Columbus Domey announced his free agency for UGC St. Louis and the rest of HCS Season 1. He found himself on another last minute team with KnightyKnight, Absolutely, and LAN Valen, going under iSolation eSports. KnightyKnight backed out from the event, and so iSo picked up Russo. The seeding FFA at St. Louis was held on Friday, and with no surprise Domey did not disappoint. He advanced to the FFA Finals where he placed 7th out of 400 total competitors. In the 4v4 iSo dropped into Losers Bracket early in Winners 2, and after a very long Losers bracket run Domey would find himself playing EVL for top 12 once more. An unfortunate game glitch in King of the Hill would cost them Game 1, and EVL won game 2, knocking iSo out of the tournament with a Top 16 finish.

After the event LAN Valen announced that he would no longer be competing in Halo and would be returning to casting, which left Domey and Russo as a team of 2 for Gamers for Giving 2015. Domey would look back to his roots and pick up DramiS and FloppiE, his old teammates from Halo 4. They also brought back the old team name, "Strafe". After defeating "Drexity" in Winners Bracket Round 2, they would face CLG. Strafe put up a great show early in game 1 but CLG was too strong and went on to win the series 2-0. They then faced "Legendary" made up of Sargoth, WinntuR, Tragic, and Nerdy in Losers Bracket Round 3. Strafe lost 2-0 and finished with a disappointing Top 24.

At the beginning of HCS Season 2, things were looking grim for Domey. Russo was no longer competing and Strafe could not lock down a solid 4th member, so they disbanded. However things began looking up for Domey towards the second half of Season 2, where he got an offer from team Reality Check. Domey eagerly accepted, replacing Burton as RC's new 4th. Reality Check struggled in the Online HCS Cups, getting 6 9-16th placings in a row. However Reality Check finally found their fire in HCS Cup where they defeated Team Liquid (Ninja, Spartan, Aries, Shooter) in a very intense 49-49 game 5. Unfortunately RC was not able to ride the momentum into PGL Indianapolis, where they lost 2-0 to Team Liquid in Winners Bracket Round 3, and then losing to CLG in Losers Bracket Round 5, finishing 9-12th.

Halo 5: Guardians

Domey continued into Halo 5 with reality Check, Placing 5th at IG Daytona, the opening Halo 5 event. Shortly after, Domey and Dramis left RC to join Russo and Sypher under Team Orbit. They would get several top 32 finishes before disbanding. After this, Domey played for Str8 Rippin in the 4th qualifier before joining Ryanoob, Randa, and Shooter on Winterfox. Winterfox eventually qualified for the HWC 2016 NA Regional Finals as the 14th seed. At Regionals, WFX finished top 16, failing to qualify for Worlds.



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Minimum place
Tournament tier
Domey Tournament Results
2020-09-069 - 12 Esports Arena $1000 4v4 Variant 2020-09-06Logo std.pngTHE  Domey •  Floppie •  Stillmatic •  Mop2Clutch
2017-01-144 Halo World Championship 2017 North America Seeding CupLogo std.pngCE S Domey •  Bain •  Dynamics •  RRRyno
2016-04-309 - 12 HCS Pro League North America Summer 2016 Online Invitational QualifierApeX Str8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8 Tsquared •  Rammyy •  Domey •  ShaZaM
2016-02-219 - 16 Halo World Championship 2016 North America Regional FinalsWinterfoxlogo std.pngWFX Randa •  Ryanoob •  Domey •  Shooter
2016-01-249 - 16 Halo World Championship 2016 North America Qualifier 5Winterfoxlogo std.pngWFX Domey •  Ryanoob •  Shooter •  Randa
2015-11-015 - 6 Iron Games Daytona 2015Reality Checklogo std.pngRc Suddoth1 •  Suddoth2 •  DramiS •  Domey
2015-06-289 - 12 PGL Indianapolis 2015Reality Checklogo std.pngRc Suddoth1 •  Suddoth2 •  Septic •  Domey
2015-06-217 - 8 HCS North America Season 2 Cup 7Reality Checklogo std.pngRc Suddoth2 •  Suddoth1 •  Domey •  Septic
2015-06-149 - 16 HCS North America Season 2 Cup 6Reality Checklogo std.pngRc Suddoth2 •  Suddoth1 •  Domey •  Septic
2015-06-079 - 16 HCS North America Season 2 Cup 5Reality Checklogo std.pngRc Suddoth2 •  Suddoth1 •  Domey •  Septic
Total Prize:USD 0

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