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Player has retired.
Background Information
NameEric Hewitt
Country of Birth
United States
BirthdayJune 9, 1988 (age 34)
North America
Social Media & Links
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Team History
??? 2005 - ??? 2005Logo std.pngLiquidIceEnergyDrink
??? 2005 - ??? 2005Logo std.pngDevils Army
??? 2005 - ??? 2005Logo std.pngDefinitely Amazing
??? 2006 - ??? 2006Logo std.pngTeam MOBDeep.net
2006 - Aug 2006EXlogo std.pngeX
Aug 2006 - Jun 2009
May 2011 - Mar 2012
Carbonlogo std.pngCarbon
Jun 2009 - Oct 2009Instinctlogo std.pngInstinct
Oct 2009 - Aug 2010Classiclogo std.pngClassic
Aug 2010 - Oct 2010Str8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8 Rippin
Oct 2010 - 201 1Heaven and Earthlogo std.pngHeaven and Earth
2011 - April 2011Dynastylogo std.pngDynasty

Eric "GH057ayame" Hewitt is a former professional Halo player who currently works for 343 Industries. He is well known for his time on Carbon.


Eric Hewitt was born on June 9, 1988. He is from Westfield, New Jersey and currently resides in Kirkland, Washington.

Halo 2

Eric "GH057ayame" Hewitt started his Professional Halo career with a top 16 finish at MLG Philadelphia 2005. His team, The Foulacy Fan Club, featured 12FlOz, Cheesehead20, and Phil22. He connected with Levi, Pistol, and xXx on team LiquidIceEnergyDrinks.com and placed top 6. This trend continued with his new team, DA, at MLG Chicago 2005 and the MLG New York 2005 National Championship. GH057ayame started the 2005 season off with a top 5 finish at the MLG New York City 2006 Opener. He finished the season with three straight victories on team Carbon. The roster featuring Gandhi, Karma, and Shockwav3 went on to win the Las Vegas 2006 National Championship defeating Final Boss. Team Carbon stuck together throughout the entire 2007 season. Their highest placing, 1st, came at MLG Dallas 2007.

Halo 3

In 2008, Cpt Anarchy, replaced Gandhi on team Carbon and Naded eventually replaced Karma. Their highest placing, 3rd, came at the MLG Las Vegas 2008 National Championship. In 2009, GH057ayame played for Carbon, Instinct, and Classic. His highest placing, 2nd, came at the MLG Orlando 2009 National Championship with team Classic. The roster consisted of Best Man, Chig, and Soldier187. The 2010 season started off great for GH057ayame. He placed 2nd at the MLG Orlando 2010 Opener. However, he failed to make the MLG Dallas 2010 National Championship with Str8 Rippin.

Halo Reach

GH057ayame placed 8th at the MLG Dallas 2011 Opener with Dynasty. The roster consisted of Destin, Snip3down, and TiZoxic. He formed a Carbon squad for the remainder of the season but unfortunately couldn't place in the top 8 the rest of the season.

At the final MLG Reach event - MLG Winter Championship 2012, GH057ayame handed the reins of Carbon to Assault, Snipedown, Blaze and Ryanoob, staying on as coach. With GH057ayame's coaching, this new Carbon roster placed 7-8th.

343 Industries

GH057ayame is currently employed by 343 Industries, which prevents him from competing in Halo tournaments.



This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place
Tournament tier
GH057ayame Tournament Results
2021-11-138$6,000$ 6,000$6,000 Twitch Rivals Halo 3 Throwback with NinjaCarbonlogo std.pngCbN GH057ayame •  Roy •  Cloud •  Gandhi
2021-08-192$36,000$ 36,000$36,000 Twitch Rivals Halo 2 Throwback with Ninja 4v4Carbonlogo std.pngCbN Ghostayame •  Enable •  SnakeBite •  Snip3down
2021-08-1912$300$ 300$300 Twitch Rivals Halo 2 Throwback with Ninja Free for AllLogo std.pngGHOS Ghostayame
2021-08-192$7,200$ 7,200$7,200 Twitch Rivals Halo 2 Throwback with Ninja Big Team BattleLogo std.pngBLUE Ghostayame •  Enable •  SnakeBite •  Snip3down •  Walshy •  Naded •  Hysteria •  Cpt Anarchy
2011-11-2021 - 24 MLG National Championship 2011Carbonlogo std.pngCbN GH057ayame •  Cpt Anarchy •  Thuggishkilla •  TwYLighT
2011-10-1613 - 16 MLG Orlando 2011Carbonlogo std.pngCbN GH057ayame •  thiggishkilla •  TwYLighT •  Cpt Anarchy
2011-08-2813 - 16 MLG Raleigh 2011Carbonlogo std.pngCbN GH057ayame •  thuggishkilla •  Cpt Anarchy •  Mimic
2011-07-3117 - 20 MLG Anaheim 2011Carbonlogo std.pngCbN GH057ayame •  Soldi3r187 •  Mimic •  Robbie B
2011-06-0517 - 20 MLG Columbus 2011Carbonlogo std.pngCbN GH057ayame •  Mimic •  Vyolent •  BatMayne
2011-04-038$1,600$ 1,600$1,600 MLG Dallas 2011Dynastylogo std.pngDyn Destin •  TiZoXiC •  GH057ayame •  Snip3down
Total Prize:USD 51,100

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