The Halo Master Chief Collection Launch Invitation Tournament was a two day event hosted by ESL which started on November 8th, 2014. The event was held at ESL's Burbank, California eSports studio and consisted of 8 professional Halo teams. 343 Industries chose 8 players to take up the role of captain within their team and they were given roughly a week to form their respective rosters. This event was casted by Andy "Bravo" Dudynsky and Alex "Goldenboy" Mendez with a special appearance from David "Walshy" Walsh.


  • Total of 8 teams
  • Seeding was chosen at random
  • Gametypes were competitive based 4v4 settings
  • All games were held in a Best of 3 format except for the Grand Finals which were Best of 5
  • All games were held in a double elimination format

Prize Pool

The prize pool for this tournament was $50,000 USD which was spread among the teams as follows:

Placing Prize Money (USD) Team
1st  $20,000 Believe the Hype
2nd $12,000 Str8 Rippin
3rd $6,000 Shoot to Kill
4th $4,000 VwS Gaming
5th-6th $2,500 OpTic Gaming
5th-6th $2,500 The Agency
7th-8th $1,500 TCM Halo
7th-8th $1,500 Purple Rain

Team Rosters

Team rosters for this event were chosen by the 8 captains which 343 Industries nominated. Teams were allowed to include a coach in their roster if they chose to.

Team Member 1 (Captain) Member 2 Member 3 Member 4 Coach
Believe the Hype Formal Lxthul aPG Maniac Mr. X
OpTic Gaming Flamesword Pistola Ace Snipedown Elamite
Purple Rain Gandhi Elitest Maven Legion N/A
Shoot to Kill Heinz OGRE2 Royal 2 Snakebite Diesel
Str8 Rippin Tsquared Ryanoob Roy Str8 Sick Walshy
The Agency Ninja Hysteria FearItSelf Victory Towey
TCM Halo Riotz TuFoxy Ramirez Chalkie Xavier
VwS Gaming Naded Legit Goofy Mikwen Wolfmayyne

Tournament Brackets

  Round 1     Round 2     Round 3     Loser's Finals    
  Winner's Bracket
   The Agency 2  
   OpTic Gaming 1    
       The Agency 0  
       Believe the Hype 2    
   Purple Rain 0          
   Believe the Hype 2        
       Believe the Hype 0          
       Str8 Rippin 2            
   Shoot to Kill 2              
   VwS Gaming 1                
       Shoot to Kill 0          
       Str8 Rippin 2        
   Str8 Rippin 2          
   TCM Gaming 1          Str8 Rippin 1
       Believe the Hype 3
  Loser's Bracket      
   OpTic Gaming 2        
   Purple Rain 0      OpTic Gaming 0        
     Shoot to Kill 2          
       Shoot to Kill 2        
   VwS Gaming 2          VwS gaming 1      Believe the Hype 2    
   TCM Gaming 0      The Agency 1          Shoot to Kill 1  
     VwS Gaming 2