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Player has retired.
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Background Information
NameRichie Heinz
Country of Birth
United States
BirthdayFebruary 26, 1992 (age 30)
North America
Social Media & Links
Infobox Twitterlogo std.png
Team History
??? 2007 - ??? 2007Logo std.pngLast Hope
??? 2007 - ??? 2007Logo std.pngTrue Influence
??? 2007 - ??? 2007Logo std.pngUnclutch Amateurs
??? 2008 - ??? 2008
2010 - 2010
Believe the Hypelogo std.pngBelieve the Hype
??? 2008 - ??? 2008
2012 - 2013
Ambushlogo std.pngAmbush
??? 2009 - ??? 2009
Triggers Downlogo std.pngTriggers Down
Feb 2010 - Jul 2010
Nov 2016 - Aug 2017
Str8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8 Rippin
??? 2010 - ??? 2010
2011 - 2011
Dynastylogo std.pngDynasty
Nov 2014 - Nov 2014Shoot to Killlogo std.pngShoot to Kill
Nov 2014 - Mar 2015Counter Logic Gaminglogo std.pngCounter Logic Gaming
Mar 2015 - Aug 2015Denial Esportslogo std.pngDenial Esports
Nov 2015 - Jan 2016Team Envylogo std.pngEnvy
Jan 2016 - Apr 2016Team Liquidlogo std.pngTeam Liquid
Apr 2016 - Jun 2016Elevatelogo std.pngElevate
Jun 2016 - Aug 2016Team Allegiancelogo std.pngTeam Allegiance
Aug 2016 - Sep 2016OpTic Gaminglogo std.pngOpTic Gaming
Sep 2016 - Nov 2016Logo std.pngLOL

Richie "Heinz" Heinz is a former Halo Pro American player. He is well known for his time on a variety of teams, including but not limited to: Triggers Down, Dynasty, Denial eSports and Counter Logic Gaming.


Halo 2

Heinz began his professional Halo career in 2007, attending MLG Dallas as his first event. He managed to secure a top 32 placement with team Last Hope which consisted of Arkanum, Gun ShoT and LuigiMayne. He would attend two more events in 2007, Chicago and Orlando, where he again finished top 32 and then 18th respectively. He switched teams for each event, attending Chicago with team True Influence which consisted of Eclipse, HelloImNice and thebizrs and Orlando as a member of Unclutch Amateurs alongside Frumpy, LiL Colek and Xero.

Halo 3

At the beginning of 2008 and competitive Halo 3, Heinz would find himself on Believe The Hype alongside Cloud, NeXuS and Mudvayne. After finishing 9th at Meadowlands with that roster, Mudvayne was swapped out for sSilent and they would finish 6th at San Diego. At this point the team would become known as Ambush and finish 4th at Orlando consisting of IGoturPistola, Nexus and Mudvayne. Mudvayne would then be subbed out for Cloud for the rest of the 2008 season, where Ambush would compete at Toronto, Dallas and the National Championships in Vegas finishing 5th, 4th and 7th respectively.

2009 would bring more success to Heinz, starting the season as a member of Triggers Down. The team would maintain a stable roster for 5 events including SK, Hysteria and iGoturPistola. The team would finish 1st at Meadowlands, 2nd at Columbus, 1st at Dallas and Anaheim and an unexpected 5th place at the National Championship in Orlando.

After a disappointing finish to 2009 Heinz would start 2010 as a member of Str8 Rippin next to star players Tsquared, Snip3down and Legit. He would compete with this roster in the first two tournaments of 2010 finishing 8th in Orlando and 10th at Columbus. He would then once again become a member of Believe the Hype with Demon D, Maniac and his old teammate Snip3down. After a 6th place finish at Raleigh he would leave to become a member of Dynasty for the last two events of the year. He would attend both DC and Dallas with APG, Clutch and Destin where they would finish in 3rd and then 6th place.

Halo: Reach

For the start of Halo Reach in 2011 Heinz would once again find himself on Triggers Down next to SK and Hysteria this time rounded out by BestMan. After finishing 9th at Dallas Heinz left to rejoin Dynasty now comprised of Destin, Snip3down and Tizoxic, netting him a 3rd place finish at Columbus and a 6th place finish in Anaheim. Destin would then be replaced by Cloud for Raleigh where the team would finish 4th. Snip3down would then be replaced by Formal for Orlando and Providence where Dynasty would finish 1st and 5th respectively. For the final tournament of Halo Reach, Heinz would once again join Ambush with APG, Cloud and Formal. The squad finished 5th at Columbus.

Halo 4

Heinz remained on Ambush for the beginning of Halo 4, swapping out Cloud for Snip3down. They would finish 2nd at the MLG Dallas Halo 4 exhibition and first at the 2013 AGL Chicago event, although they changed the team name to Pulse Ambush before that event. That team would dominate the AGL circuit finishing first in Nashville and Knoxville as well getting 1st at UMG Chicago where they once again changed their name becoming Reign Ambush. Heinz also played in the 2014 Rooster Teeth Expo finishing 2nd in the FFA event and 3rd in the 4v4, as a member of Reign 812 with Formal, Lethul and APG.

Halo 2: Anniversary

With the launch of the Master Chief Collection Heinz once again rejoined Triggers Down to compete next to Hysteria, FearitSelf and Lethul, where they secured a 3rd place finish at the 2014 PAX Prime Showdown. For the ESL MCC Launch Invitational he joined Shoot to Kill with Ogre 2, Snakebite and Royal 2 where he again placed in 3rd. Team StK was acquired by Counter Logic Gaming and Heinz was named the captain for HCS Season 1. The team placed 1st at Iron Games Columbus 2014 and 2nd at both UGC St. Louis 2015 and Gamers For Giving 2015, before finishing 2nd again in the season finals at PAX East 2015.

On March 13, 2015, Heinz confirmed on Twitter that he had been released from CLG.[6] Later that day, it was announced that he had joined Denial eSports with Chig, Mikwen and Ryanoob.[7] Ryanoob was released shortly after and replaced with APG. The new squad did well at Iron Games Atlanta 2015, where they placed 2nd, managing to take a series from Evil Geniuses in the Grand Finals. At HCS Indianapolis, Heinz and Denial faced off against Evil Geniuses again, this time in the winners' finals, where they were defeated in an intense series and sent to the losers' bracket finals. In the LB finals, Heinz and Denial were defeated by CLG, the team that Heinz had been dropped from. At the HCS Season 2 Finals, Heinz and Denial again came up short, finishing 3rd to close out the season.

Halo 5: Guardians

On August 12, Denial announced the disbandment of their Halo roster, making Heinz a free agent. Months later, on November 10, Heinz announced that he was joining Team EnVyUs alongside Mikwen, APG and Pistola. After three online cups with EnVyUs, APG and Heinz left the team to join Team Liquid alongside UnLegit and Ace. Liquid qualified for the NA Regional Finals as the 4th seed. Their first tournament was the X Games Aspen 2016 invitational, where they finished 5th - 8th. At NA Regionals, Liquid finished top 8, qualifying for Halo World Championship 2016. At Worlds, Liquid started off strong, winning their pool and securing a spot in the Championship Bracket. In the bracket, they were upset in the first round by Denial eSports, putting an end to their night with a top 8 finish.

After Worlds, Heinz left Team Liquid and eventually found himself on Team eLevate alongside Heinz, Randa and Swift Kill. After a failed attempt to qualify for Pro League, eLevate replaced Swift Kill with Falcated and began competing in the Open Circuit. Three weeks into the Open Circuit season, Heinz was picked up by the Pro League qualified Team Allegiance, completing the roster otherwise consisting of ContrA, PreDevoNatoR and Ryanoob. Though Heinz helped improve the team's standing, they were unable to close the deficit, and ended up finishing 6th, just enough to qualify for the Fall Season but not enough to qualify for the Summer Finals.

Despite the team's qualification, Heinz was dropped from Allegiance after the season's conclusion. This left him searching for a team until the final day of the transfer period, on which he joined OpTic Gaming alongside MaNiaC, Ace and APG. On September 14, it was revealed in an episode of Vision that OpTic was releasing its Halo roster and picking up the former Counter Logic Gaming roster. MaNiaC announced his retirement from competitive Halo in the video as well. The team began competing under the name LOL, playing with MaNiaC in their first match despite his retirement, and a variety of substitutes afterwards. After a poor start to the season, LOL were still left without a consistent fourth. They eventually settled on Eco, reuniting the HWC Team Liquid roster. The roster had a dramatic turnaround, winning the majority of its matches, and eventually picked up an organization in the form of the revitalized Str8 Rippin, a team he previously played for. Under Str8, the team ultimately completed its comeback, finishing with a 7-7 record good enough for 4th place. At HCS Las Vegas 2016, Str8 took 4th place, with victories over the likes of Evil Geniuses and European champions FAB Games eSports, and back-to-back losses to Team Allegiance. At the Season Finals, Str8 were unable to defeat Team EnVyUs or Team Liquid, resulting in a 4th place finish.

During the offseason, Eco left Str8 Rippin. He was eventually replaced by Renegade. At the first event of HaloWC 2017 season - UGC St. Louis 2017 - Str8 showed that they were still a top team, dominating lower-seeded teams and nearly defeating Team EnVyUs in the WB Semifinals. In Losers, they took out Inconceivable in a very close match before a loss to Team Liquid sent them home in 4th place. At ME Las Vegas 2017, Str8 defeated Luminosity Gaming in an intense 7-game series to qualify for Worlds. They ultimately finished top 6 after a 4-2 loss to Pnda Gaming. At Worlds, Str8 were placed in a group with FAB Games eSports and SoaR Gaming. They finished 1st in their pool after victories over both teams and met TMMT Crowd Pleasers in the first round. This time, they beat them 4-3, only to run into Team Liquid and get swept out of the Winners Bracket. In Losers, Str8 were placed against Splyce, who they defeated in a monumentally close 4-3 series. They were then swept by Team EnVyUs and sent home in 4th place.

After Worlds, Str8 made a team change, replacing the departing Renegade with Danoxide. At UMG Daytona, Str8 finished 3rd in its pool. They started off well in the main bracket with a 3-0 win over Believe the Hype, but were upset by Oxygen Supremacy in the following round. After wins over eRa Eternity and Ronin Esports in Losers, Str8 were swept by Team Liquid and bowed out with a top 6 finish.


  • Heinz has won at least one event as a part of four different teams: Triggers Down, Dynasty, Ambush and Counter Logic Gaming.
  • Plays 4 sensitivity, default controls, no vibration.
  • Is a huge fan of the New York Jets, the New York Mets, and the New York Islanders.
  • Was a 2009 MLG All-Star, voted Pro Choice “Best Overall”, “Best Objective Player”, and “Best Close Range Combat".


This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place
Tournament tier
Heinz Tournament Results
2018-03-259 - 12 Halo World Championship 2018 North America Regional FinalsArmada eSportslogo std.pngARM ContrA •  DevoNatoR •  BabyJ •  MoNsTcR Heinz
2017-07-2313 - 16$2,000$ 2,000$2,000 HCS Pro League Summer 2017 FinalsStr8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8 Danoxide •  Rayne •  Heinz •  Kaotic
2017-06-228$4,000$ 4,000$4,000 HCS Pro League North America Summer 2017 Regular SeasonStr8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8 Ace •  Heinz •  Danoxide •  Kaotic
2017-05-145 - 6$5,000$ 5,000$5,000 UMG Daytona 2017Str8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8 AcE •  aPG •  Heinz •  Danoxide Tsquared
2017-03-264$50,000$ 50,000$50,000 Halo World Championship 2017Str8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8 Ace •  APG •  Heinz •  Renegade Clutch
2017-03-055 - 6$3,000$ 3,000$3,000 Halo World Championship 2017 North America Regional FinalsStr8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8 Ace •  APG •  Heinz •  Renegade Clutch
2017-02-255 - 8 Halo World Championship 2017 North America Qualifier 5Str8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8 Ace •  APG •  Heinz •  Renegade
2017-02-1133 - 64 Halo World Championship 2017 North America Qualifier 3Str8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8 Ace •  aPG •  Heinz •  Renegade
2017-02-043 Halo World Championship 2017 North America Qualifier 2Str8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8 Ace •  APG •  Heinz •  Renegade
2017-01-285 - 8 Halo World Championship 2017 North America Qualifier 1Str8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8 Ace •  APG •  Heinz •  Renegade
Total Prize:USD 64,000

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  • MLG Toronto 2008 LBR6 Final Boss Vs. Ambush (Parts 1|2|3|4|[1]|6)
  • MLG Dallas 2008 WBR1 Triggers Down Vs. Ambush (Parts 1|2|3|4|5|6)




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