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Halo Esports Wiki

For Users

On some pages when you go to edit them, you may notice a link you can click above the text box, for example "Insert Tabs" or "Insert Navbox". If you click this link, some boilerplate code will be added to the page, and you can then fill it in.

If you have a request please let us know in Discord! These are very easy to add.

For Admins

CharInserts are defined at the pages in Category:CharInsert Modules. If there are no char inserts yet for a particular namespace, you may have to create a new module.

  • |pattern= is a Lua string match to check against the title to determine whether or not to print the highlight on a page. See the Lua documentation manual for documentation, or ask for help.
  • |label= is the text visible to the user that describes what the pattern is for.
  • |insert= is the text to insert. This will be escaped by the module, so you can put as many spaces and new lines as you need.

To Adapt To Other Wikis

  • You will need to add CharInsert extension first.
  • Copy {{CharInserts}}m and any needed dependencies (at the time of initially writing this article, there are no dependencies).
  • Copy the following to either a gadget or your common.js:
$(function() {
	$('.mw-charinsert-item').each(function() {
  • Place the following code at MediaWiki:Editnotice-0:
  • For every additional namespace, redirect the editnotice to the main namespace one (replace 0 in MediaWiki:Editnotice-0 with the other namespace numbers you have). Do this by adding the following code to the page (see MediaWiki:Editnotice-10 for an example):
    • If you prefer, you can also just put the invoke at each location instead; redirecting allows for easier changes to be made at the cost of customization.
  • Create {{CharInserts/Main}}m, {{CharInserts/Template}}m, etc, for any char inserts you want to create.