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Player has retired.
Background Information
NameBryan Rizzo
Country of Birth
United States
BirthdayJune 4, 1990 (age 32)
North America
Social Media & Links
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Team History
??? 2005 - ??? 2005Logo std.pngVarious Teams
??? 2006 - ??? 2006Storm Ventureslogo std.pngStorm Ventures
??? 2007 - ??? 2007
2011 - 2011
2015 - Present
ApeX Str8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8 Rippin
??? 2007 - ??? 2007
2010 - 2010
Logo std.pngPerfect Storm
??? 2011 - ??? 2011Darkest Hourlogo std.pngDarkest Hour
??? 2011 - ??? 2011CoL Final Bosslogo std.pngFinal Boss
??? 2012 - ??? 2013Apex Warriorslogo std.pngWarriors
??? 2013 - ??? 2013Logo std.pngRequiem
??? 2014 - ??? 2014VwS Gaming (Europe)logo std.pngVwS Gaming
??? 2014 - ??? 2015Believe the Hypelogo std.pngBelieve the Hype

Bryan "Legit" Rizzo is a retired American player most well known for his time on teams such as Str8 Rippin, Storm Ventures and Warriors.


Bryan Rizzo was born on June 4, 1990. He is from Clearwater, Florida and currently resides in Tampa, Florida.

Halo 2

2005: Career Beginnings

Legit's professional Halo career started off during a boom period for the budding esport, in 2005 at MLG Nashville. Known as TuLegit at the time, he was a part of team Tu 5SiX1 alongside Donut117, Sarge561 and TuSick. They finished in the top 16. His next event was the 2005 Central Conference Championships at MLG Chicago, where he, Donut and TuSick teamed with Foxygrandpa117 as Tu Foxy Pastries and finished in the top 24.

2006: Storm Ventures

Legit returned for the 2006 season kickoff at MLG New York as a part of Storm Ventures alongside Ramby, Poon and Naded. Legit made a name for himself at this event, as his team mowed through the Open Bracket and managed a 6th place finish, losing only to powerhouse teams Str8 Rippin and Carbon in the double-elimination bracket. In addition to his team's strong finish, Legit showed his individual skill with a 5th place finish in the FFA/1v1 tournament. SV improved on their placing at their next event in Dallas, finishing 5th, with Legit again finishing 5th in the 1v1s. Legit and SV's showing at MLG Anaheim was less impressive. They were knocked out of the Winners' Bracket early by Triggers Down and had the unfortunate circumstance of facing Carbon for top 12. Though they made a series out of it, they could not overcome the powerhouse team and ended up finishing 16th. Legit finished 7th in the 1v1s.

Many wrote SV off as serious contenders after Anaheim, but they silenced the doubters in Chicago, where they overcame Carbon in the Winners' Bracket and lost only to Final Boss in the WB Finals. In the LB finals, they won the extended series against Carbon, earning a rematch against FB. Though they lost in 10 games, they were, to that point, the team to take the most games from Final Boss in a tournament. Legit also returned to 5th place in the 1v1s. At the next event in Orlando, SV finished 6th, losing to Final Boss and XiT Woundz, but Legit took his highest 1v1 placing thus far - 3rd.

With the regular season over, SV's season performance had been strong enough to secure a top seed in the MLG New York Playoffs, while Legit had earned his own seed in the 1v1 bracket. Legit took a 3rd place finish in the 1v1, and things started off well for SV as well, as they swept the favored Str8 Rippin in the opening round. Unfortunately for SV, Carbon made easy work of them in the following round, and they were once again defeated by XiT Woundz in the Losers' Bracket for a 6th place finish. SV qualified for the MLG Las Vegas National Championships as the 6th seed, but would need a top 3 finish to secure any prize money. SV finished 7th, while Legit had the same placing in the 1v1s, a disappointing end to a strong season for Legit and Storm Ventures.

2007: Perfect Storm, Str8 Rippin

Storm Ventures broke up during the offseason, with Legit and Naded joining Tsquared and Foulacy on Str8 Rippin. They finished 5th at the kickoff event in Charlotte, losing only to Carbon and Final Boss. In addition, Legit won his first major FFA title at the event. Legit and Naded would leave Str8 Rippin shortly after, citing their hopes that joining a high profile team such as Str8 Rippin would lead to more success than 5th place. The duo reunited with Ramby, forming Perfect Storm alongside Xtrem1st. In the Meadowlands Open Bracket, Perfect Storm mowed through the competition en route to earning the 22nd seed in the Championship Bracket. In the Winners' Bracket, they went on a tear, upsetting three highly seeded teams including The Agency, before being ousted 3-2 by Carbon. They battled all the way to the Losers' Finals, but could not overcome their deficit against Carbon, losing 6-4 and taking an albeit impressive 3rd place finish. In Dallas, Perfect Storm were ousted from the Winners' Bracket early by 5K, and had a tough road ahead of them if they wanted to repeat their top 3 finish. Though they took out Str8 Rippin, they could not defeat The Agency this time around, ending their tournament in 6th place.

Following Dallas, Legit returned to Str8 Rippin, with the new roster consisting of himself, Tsquared, Neighbor and ElamiteWarrior. The 7th seeded Str8 Rippin made short work of Carbon and The Agency in the Chicago Winners' Bracket, but lost in the Winners' Finals to Final Boss. They returned to the finals for a rematch, but did not have much for FB, losing by a final score of 6-1 in their 2nd place finish. Legit also returned to the FFA top 8 at this event, placing 8th. Str8 returned more practiced in Orlando and pulled off the unthinkable in Winners' Round 4, defeating Final Boss in only four games. They rolled over Nice Like Rice in the Winners' Finals and met Final Boss for a rematch in the Grand Finals. FB would take only one game in the final series, and Legit would win his first event with Str8 Rippin with a final score of 6-2. At the Las Vegas National Championships, Str8 came out shakily, needing 5 games to take out Nice Like Rice. Carbon capitalized in the next round, sending Str8 to the Losers' Bracket with a 3-2 win. Str8 battled back, defeating 5K and The Agency to earn a rematch with Carbon, but could not overcome the deficit, losing with a final score of 6-4 and finishing 3rd in the National Championships. Legit took 4th place in the FFA/1v1 tournament. Str8 closed out Halo 2 with a 2nd place finish at the MLG Canadian Open.

Halo 3

2008: Str8 Rippin dynasty

Legit and the Str8 Rippin squad stuck together for the start of Halo 3, kicking things off with a 5th place finish at the Meadowlands season opener. They followed this up by winning their second event together at MLG San Diego before finishing 2nd in Orlando. Despite the recent high placings, Str8 made a roster change, replacing Neighbor with newcomer Snipedown. This change proved to be successful, as Str8 won their next event in Toronto before finishing 2nd at MLG Dallas. At the Las Vegas National Championships, Legit and Str8 finally claimed the coveted National Championship title, cementing themselves as the 2008 champions.

2009-2010: Struggles with Str8

The National Champions predictably stuck together to start off the 2009 season, but finished an uncharacteristic 4th at the Meadowlands opener. They found their footing at the next event, finishing 1st after a grueling finals series with Triggers Down. At MLG Dallas, Legit and Str8 finished 4th once again. They looked to rebound in Anaheim, but were defeated in the finals by Triggers Down. They followed this up with a season-low 6th place finish at the Orlando National Championships, which would be the last tournament for the once dominant squad.

Following the low finish, Str8 Rippin made its first roster change since 2008, with ElamiteWarrior leaving and being replaced by Heinz. Despite Heinz's repertoire, the team's fortunes only worsened, as they finished 8th and 10th at the first two events of the 2010 season - Orlando and Columbus. Following placings lower than he'd seen since the 2006 season, Legit left Str8 Rippin and opted to sit out the remainder of the 2010 season.

Halo: Reach

Legit returned at the end of the 2010 season for the Dallas Reach Exhibition, reuniting with Naded, alongside Karma and KillerDrew to reform Perfect Storm. They finished 9th. For the 2011 season, Legit and Naded stuck together and joined Darkest Hour alongside Goofy and TwYLighT. After a 14th place finish at the Dallas opener, Legit and Naded left the team to rejoin Str8 Rippin alongside Tsquared and Ryanoob. They finished 2nd at MLG Columbus, losing only to the newly formed Instinct "God squad". Despite the high placing, Str8 revamped its roster, reuniting the 2007/2008 lineup of Legit, Tsquared, Neighbor and ElamiteWarrior. The hyped reunion only lasted two events, after two dismal placings of 14th and 20th in Anaheim and Raleigh. Legit then found his way to Final Boss, alongside Victory X, FearitSelf and Hysteria. Their first event was another double-digit placing for Legit, a 10th place finish in Orlando. They improved for the Providence National Championship, placing in the money with a 6th place finish.

For the final Reach event in Columbus, Legit joined Warriors alongside Crimsix, SneakEBeaver and Goofy. They finished in the top 6.

Halo 4

For the pre-release Halo 4 event in Dallas, Legit and Goofy recruited Ninja and Ryanoob to round out the Warriors roster. They finished 1st at the event, Legit's first event win since Columbus 2009. The Warriors roster stuck together following Halo's removal from the MLG Pro Circuit, finishing 2nd at AGL 3 Chicago and AGL 5 Nashville. Ryanoob was then replaced with APG, leading to a 4th place finish at AGL 6 Knoxville and a 3rd place finish at UMG Chicago 2013. It was also around this time that Legit finished 4th at the Halo 4 Global Championship FFA event, earning a $5,000 prize. Legit and Ninja then recruited Dersky and Ace, forming team Requiem. They finished 1st at AGL 8 Knoxville, defeating Infamous in the finals.

Halo 2: Anniversary

Legit's first H2A event was the invite-only PAX Prime Showdown 2014, where he competed as part of VwS Gaming alongside Naded, Goofy and Mikwen. They finished 2nd. The team stuck together for the ESL MCC Launch Invitational, this time finishing 4th. For HCS Season 1, Legit left VwS to join the invitational champions Believe the Hype alongside Maniac, Lethul and APG, replacing Formal. They finished 5th at Iron Games Columbus 2014. Lethul then left and was replaced by Clutch, leading to a top 12 finish at UGC St. Louis 2015. After Believe the Hype disbanded, Legit returned to Str8 Rippin once again, the roster this time composed of himself, Tsquared, Naded and Str8 SicK. They finished in the top 12 at Gamers For Giving 2015, but still qualified for the HCS Season 1 Finals, where they finished in the top 6. Legit sat out the entirety of Season 2.

Halo 5: Guardians

Legit returned to competition at the first open Halo 5 event, Iron Games Daytona 2015. His team, Liquid Vibe, consisting of himself, Ace, Elamite and LegendPimps, looked strong for the first two days of competition, but on Saturday night, Legit was attacked and injured outside the venue, leaving him unable to compete on Sunday. With Clutch subbing in, Liquid Vibe finished in the top 8 on Sunday.


  • Legit is known for his use of an American flag headband during tournaments.
  • Legit's most frequent teammates, as of December 2015, are Tsquared (24 events) and Naded (17 events).


This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place
Tournament tier
Legit Tournament Results
2021-11-134$18,000$ 18,000$18,000 Twitch Rivals Halo 3 Throwback with NinjaEon Instinctlogo std.pngIns Elamite •  TriPPPeY •  Hunter Jjx •  Legit
2021-08-191$10,800$ 10,800$10,800 Twitch Rivals Halo 2 Throwback with Ninja Big Team BattleLogo std.pngRED  Elamite •  Legit •  Ace •  MaNiaC •  MaNiaC •  Tsquared •  BestMan •  Neighbor •  Flamesword
2021-08-1914$300$ 300$300 Twitch Rivals Halo 2 Throwback with Ninja Free for AllLogo std.pngLEGI Legit
2021-08-191$48,000$ 48,000$48,000 Twitch Rivals Halo 2 Throwback with Ninja 4v4FBI The Agencylogo std.pngTA Elamite •  Legit •  Ace •  MaNiaC
2015-11-017 - 8 Iron Games Daytona 2015Logo std.pngLIQU Ace •  Elamite •  Legend •  Legit Clutch
2015-03-065 - 6$4,000$ 4,000$4,000 HCS Season 1 FinalsApeX Str8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8 Tsquared •  Naded •  Legit •  Str8 SicK Lammie
2015-02-229 - 12 Gamers For Giving 2015ApeX Str8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8 Tsquared •  Naded •  Legit
2015-02-157 - 8 HCS North America Season 1 Cup 7ApeX Str8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8 Tsquared •  Naded •  Legit •  Str8 SicK
2015-02-085 - 6 HCS North America Season 1 Cup 6ApeX Str8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8 Tsquared •  Naded •  Legit •  Str8 SicK
2015-01-049 - 12$200$ 200$200 UGC St. Louis 2015Believe the Hypelogo std.pngBtH MaNiaC •  aPG •  Clutch •  Legit
Total Prize:USD 81,300

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