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Background Information
NamePaul Villemont
Country of Birth
TeamLogo std.pngOEX
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Paul "Nurix" Villemont is a Halo esports player, currently a player for OEX.

Team History

Combine Role Swaps:No|Yes
Supremacylogo std.pngSupremacyOct 20172017-10-15[1]≈Nov 2017≈2017-11-??≈17d
Logo std.pngOEXSep 20212021-09-02[2]Present2mo 25d
Supremacylogo std.pngSupremacyOct 20172017-10-15[1]≈Nov 2017≈2017-11-??≈17d
Logo std.pngOEXSep 20212021-09-02[2]Present2mo 25d



Supremacylogo std.pngSyOctober 15, Nurix joins. SolaR leaves.[1]
Supremacylogo std.pngSyNovember (approx.), Fragxr, Nurix, PuniShR, and SLG leave.


Logo std.pngOEXSeptember 2, Fragxr, Nurix, SLG, and TchiK join.[2]


Halo 5: Guardians

Nurix emerged in the EU scene in mid-2016, joining NTSC alongside TaLic, Shaady and Cruzz. After a few weeks, SolaR was brought in to replace Cruzz, and the team saw success in the Summer 2016 Open Circuit, winning the final two cups of the season and the Open Circuit Finals, earning themselves a spot in Pro League Relegation. NTSC had a close match with French rivals PuLse Gaming in the first round of Relegation, losing 4-3. In their first Losers match, they were trounced 4-0 by Dinosaurs, ending their hopes of becoming pros for the Fall season.

After sitting out the Fall season, Nurix returned for Halo World Championship 2017 season, forming a team alongside TaLic, TchiK and CxLii for the Gfinity London Qualifier. After placing highly in two online cups and earning a bye into the Championship Bracket for London, the team was signed by beGenius ESC. In London, beGenius won a close match against SkitLite before falling 3-0 to the juggernaut FAB Games eSports. After 3-0ing Team Menace in the Losers Bracket, they were beaten in a close match by Epsilon eSports, ultimately going home with a top eight finish and no Worlds spot. beGenius had one more shot in the LCQ, but losses to Team Infused and Best Routers EU lead to a top six finish and another failed attempt at qualifying.

Going into the Summer 2017 Pro League, Nurix, TaLic and TchiK replaced CxLii with Sica. The new roster finished second in the Summer LCQ, earning a seed in the Pro League. The team was shortly after signed by Divine Domination. After two weeks of hard losses to strong teams, TaLic left and was replaced by Speed. The team's fortunes did not improve, and they ultimately finished in sixth place with a 0-5 record, not winning a single map all season.

For the Fall 2017 EU Circuit, Nurix struck it big, landing a spot on top French team Supremacy alongside SLG, Fragxr and PuniShR. After low finishes in two of the cups, Supremacy stepped it up on LAN at Gfinity London, taking out Vexed Gaming and sweeping exceL eSports before being swept out of the Winners Finals by Team Infused. Supremacy responded with another victory over Vexed, but they could muster only a single map win in their Finals rematch against Infused, going home in second and qualifying for the DreamHack Denver Championship Bracket. In the lead-up to Denver, Supremacy officially announced the Nurix signing. In Denver, Supremacy were again beat in the first round, this time by American pro team Ronin Esports. They were able to beat fellow European team exceL eSports in their first Elimination match, but they fell to Str8 Rippin in a 3-2 nailbiter in the following round, ultimately taking a top twelve finish.



This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place
Tournament tier
Nurix Tournament Results
2017-10-229 - 12$2,500$ 2,500$2,500 HCS Pro League Fall 2017 FinalsSupremacylogo std.pngSy SLG •  Fragxr •  PuniShR •  Nurix
2017-09-172$6,000$ 6,000$6,000 Gfinity London 2017Supremacylogo std.pngSy SLG •  Fragxr •  PuniShR •  Nurix
2017-09-103 - 4$312$ 312$312 HCS Open Circuit Europe Fall 2017 Open Cup 3Supremacylogo std.pngSy SLG •  Fragxr •  Nurix •  PuniShR
2017-06-226$4,000$ 4,000$4,000 HCS Pro League Europe Summer 2017 Regular SeasonDivine Dominationlogo std.png2D TchiK •  Nurix •  Sica •  Speed
2017-05-212 HCS Pro League Europe Summer 2017 Last Chance QualifierLogo std.pngFREN TaLic •  TchiK •  Sica •  Nurix
2017-05-203 HCS Pro League Europe Summer 2017 Open QualifierLogo std.pngFREN Nurix •  Sica •  TaLic •  TchiK
2017-02-265 - 6 Halo World Championship 2017 Europe Last Chance QualifierBeGenius ESClogo std.pngbG TaLic •  CxLii •  TchiK •  NURlX
2017-02-192$6,000$ 6,000$6,000 Halo World Championship 2017 Europe Regional FinalsSupremacylogo std.pngSy SLG •  Fragxr •  PuniShR •  Nurix
2017-02-123 Halo World Championship 2017 Europe Qualifier 3Logo std.pngFREN TaLic •  NURIX •  CxLii •  TchiK
2017-02-053 Halo World Championship 2017 Europe Qualifier 2Logo std.pngFREN TaLic •  NURIX •  CxLii •  TchiK
Total Prize:USD 18,812




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