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He is known for his time with Team Vibe and London Conspiracy.


Halo 5: Guardians

Qristola emerged on the scene when he formed Movement alongside VexZeus, WarLord and Flamez for Multiplay Insomnia 57. The team took 2nd place at the event, falling only to the dominant Epsilon eSports. Movement made a roster change going into the qualification stage for the Summer 2016 Pro League, replacing WarLord with Lunny. The team was unable to qualify for the league in its first attempt, and disbanded shortly after as Qristola and Flamez joined Dinosaurs alongside the legendary BUK twins - BUK 20 and BUK 57. Dinosaurs successfully qualified for the Pro League and ended up finishing 5th overall in the season after going on a long losing streak. They avoided relegation despite an early loss to We Know the Secret which they avenged in the Losers' Bracket to save their spot.

Qristola ended up leaving Dinosaurs to join Team Vibe alongside SeptiQ, Snakey and Snipedrone. Vibe's performance improved dramatically with the roster changes, as they finished in 2nd place with a 7-3 record. At the Season Finals, Vibe came out flat in their opening match against Team Infused, losing 4-2. In the Losers' Semifinals, they looked to rebound against PuLse Gaming, but were defeated 4-1 by the strong French squad. This resulted in Vibe finishing 4th.

During the offseason, Qristola and Snakey left Vibe to join Team Infused alongside Phlux and Kimbo. The new Infused's first task was qualifying for Halo World Championship 2017. To do so, they'd need a top 2 finish at Gfinity London 2017. After a narrow 3-2 loss to FAB Games eSports in the Winners' Finals, Infused were upset in a 4-3 loss to Supremacy in the Losers' Finals, resulting in a heartbreaking 3rd place finish. After Gfinity London, Qristola left Infused and joined London Conspiracy alongside SeptiQ, Lunny and Ramirez. The new roster was able to finish 1st in the Last Chance Qualifier and qualify for Worlds. At Worlds, London Conspiracy finished in the top 12 after losses to Luminosity Gaming, Team Liquid and TMMT Crowd Pleasers.

Following Worlds, Qristola and Ramirez parted ways with their teammates, eventually settling on Jimbo and Snipedrone as replacements. London Conspiracy stopped supporting their roster at this time, and the roster began competing in the Summer 2017 Pro League as Invictus. Invictus performed strongly in the season, dropping only one series (to Team Infused) and finishing second in the standings, enough to qualify for the Championship Bracket at DreamHack Atlanta. In Atlanta, Invictus were strong early, taking a 3-1 victory over Supremacy. Their luck changed against American teams, as they were 3-0d by both OpTic Gaming and Ronin Esports en route to a top twelve finish.

In the following weeks, Qristola left Invictus to join Vexed Gaming alongside Lunny, Riotz and Quadios. After top three finishes in two of the three Fall 2017 Circuit cups, Vexed attended Gfinity London 2017, where they finished third, beating exceL eSports and Endpoint but losing twice to Supremacy. The finish was strong enough to qualify Vexed for the Open Bracket at DreamHack Denver. In Denver, Vexed took the Open Bracket by storm, dropping only one map on their way into the top sixteen. They started the Championship Bracket off questionably with a 3-0 loss to Evil Geniuses, but turned things around with a 3-0 victory over Radiant Esports. In the second Elimination round, it was not an American team that beat Vexed, but European rivals Team Infused, who sent them home with a top twelve finish.

Going into Halo World Championship 2018 season, Qristola initially built a team consisting of himself, SLG, Phlux, and Jimbo. Jimbo and Phlux left after the first week of the season and were replaced by Snakey and Morguhhh on the team now known as Soaring. The following week, Morguhhh was replaced by a familiar face in Fragxr. This roster was signed by Fable Esports on February 4. At MLG Orlando, Fable were able to secure a top twelve finish by defeating Mindfreak before being eliminated by Oxygen Supremacy. Fable made it to round four at Gfinity London before being knocked out by Vexed Gaming. In the losers bracket, they 3-0d Mock-it Esports (for the second time) to clinch their Worlds spot before securing top three with a 4-2 win over Myztro Gaming. They were then sent home in third by Vexed Gaming.








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