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Background Information
NameSabur Hakimi
Country of Birth
United States
BirthdayMay 3, 2001 (age 20)
North America
TeamFatal Ambitionlogo std.pngFatal Ambition
Social Media & Links
Infobox Twitterlogo std.png
Team History
May 2017 - Jun 2017Team CryptiKlogo std.pngTeam CryptiK
Jul 2017 - Aug 2017ERa Eternitylogo std.pngeRa Eternity
Aug 2017 - Oct 2017Ronin Esportslogo std.pngRonin Esports
Jan 2018 - Feb 2018Logo std.pngCbK
Feb 2018 - Mar 2018Fyra Gaminglogo std.pngFyra Gaming
Mar 2018 - Dec 2018Elevatelogo std.pngElevate
Dec 2018 - Jan 2019DeSiTic Gaminglogo std.pngDeSiTic Gaming
May 2019 - CurrentFatal Ambitionlogo std.pngFatal Ambition

Sabur "Sabinater" Hakimi is a Halo esports player, currently a player for Fatal Ambition. Other teams he has played for include Fyra Gaming, Ronin Esports, and eRa Eternity.


Halo 5: Guardians

Sabinater first emerged on the scene in the lead-up to the Summer 2017 Pro League. Sabinater joined Team Cryptik in May, playing alongside Camper, Scaryotic and Neptune. The team was unsuccessful in qualifying for the season, finishing in the top eight in the LCQ. Sabinater briefly competed in the Summer 2017 Open Circuit, joining Blood Gang alongside Cratos, LifeStyle and DRUK84. The team split after one poor week of results, but Sabinater and Cratos stuck together and joined eRa Eternity alongside Commonly and BabyJ. At DreamHack Atlanta, eRa were unable to earn a spot in the Fall 2017 Pro League, but the team's performance turned around an early 3-0 loss to Splyce in the Championship Bracket. After sweeping Vexed Gaming, eRa took out the team that beat them in relegation - Oxygen Supremacy - 3-2. They then swept pro team Ronin Esports before being beaten 3-1 by Team Liquid and taking a top six finish in Sabinater's first LAN event.

On August 2, Sabinater joined pro team Ronin Esports alongside Suspector, Str8 SicK and eL ToWn. After a poor start to the Fall season, Ronin released Str8 Sick, replacing him with Nemassist from the similarly struggling Naventic. With Nemassist on board, the team did not improve, finishing in seventh place with a 1-6 record. At DreamHack Denver, Ronin finished in the top twelve after losses to OpTic Gaming and Luminosity Gaming.

eL ToWn, Sabinater, and Suspector ended up sticking together going into Halo World Championship 2018 season, replacing Nemassist with Artic and originally competing as CbK before being signed by Fyra Gaming on February 9. At MLG Orlando, Fyra were able to go on an Elimination Bracket run and earn a top six finish before bowing out to Team Reciprocity. Shortly after Orlando, the Fyra roster was acquired by Elevate. Elevate finished second in their pool at MLG Columbus, safely qualifying for Worlds. They then lost two close matches to Renegades and Oxygen Supremacy, resulting in a top eight finish. At Worlds, Elevate finished second in its pool, losing 3-1 to Team EnVyUs. In the first round of bracket play, they lost 4-1 to TOX Gaming, but rebounded with a 4-0 sweep over Str8 Rippin in losers. In the following round, they were swept by EnVyUs and sent home with a top six finish.



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Minimum place
Tournament tier
Sabinater Tournament Results
2021-07-319 - 12 20 Years of Xbox FanFest Halo 3 FinalsLogo std.pngACE  Ace •  Sabinater
2021-06-065 - 6$1,500$ 1,500$1,500 Halo 5 SEND OFFLogo std.pngINCO bubu dubu •  Falcated •  Bound •  Sabinater
2021-05-303$300$ 300$300 Esports Arena $1000 4v4 Variant 2021-05-30Logo std.pngFLYE SuperCC •  Commonly •  Sabinater •  Artic
2021-04-105 - 8$500$ 500$500 Halo 5 Pro Series Season 4 NA ChampionshipVVv Ambushlogo std.pngAmb Ace •  Artic •  Spartan •  Sabinater
2021-04-035 - 8$250$ 250$250 Halo 5 Pro Series Season 4 NA Week 4VVv Ambushlogo std.pngAmb Sabinater •  Artic •  Ace •  Spartan
2021-03-205 - 8$250$ 250$250 Halo 5 Pro Series Season 4 NA Week 2VVv Ambushlogo std.pngAmb Ace •  Sabinater •  Artic •  Spartan
2021-03-131$600$ 600$600 Halo 5 Pro Series Season 4 NA Week 1VVv Ambushlogo std.pngAmb Ace •  Spartan •  Artic •  Sabinater
2021-02-282$300$ 300$300 Esports Arena $1000 4v4 Variant 2021-02-28Logo std.pngARTI Articc •  Ace •  Sabinater •  Spartan
2021-02-135 - 6$250$ 250$250 Halo 5 Pro Series Season 3 NA Week 2EQ.Status Quologo std.pngsQ Sabinater •  Artic •  Ace •  Suppressed
2020-12-1325 - 32 Esports Arena $1000 4v4 Variant 2020-12-13Logo std.pngGOAT Renegade •  Falcated •  Bound •  Sabinater
Total Prize:USD 3,950






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