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Scion eSports is an American eSports organization.


Halo 5: Guardians

Scion eSports made its entry into the competitive Halo scene on September 3, 2016, acquiring the roster of Will "Will is Sick" Lemons, "Fearnoia", "Impulsion" and Jeremy "Savatrocity" Camerer. At 2050 Chattanooga, Scion were able to make it all the way through to pool play and upset Primal. Afterwards Scion lost series 3-0 to Global Sanction and a close game 5 to Infamous eSports, almost pulling off a reverse sweep in the process. Scion finished the event with a top 12 placing with a 1-2 record in pool play. Scion returned for UGC St. Louis 2016 with a new roster of players, retaining Will is Sick and recruiting Eli "Eli Elite" Ruiz, James "Jamm I Am" Chase and Austin "Most Damage Dealt" Baker. The team ended with a top 8 finish, successfully qualifying for the Esports Minor League Fall 2016 Season in the process. Scion retained its roster and attended HCS Las Vegas 2016, looking to qualify for HCS Pro League Relegation, but could not emerge from the Open Bracket as they lost to 6S Gaming and Pnda Gaming, finishing top 20 overall.

Scion are currently competing in the Esports Minor League. During the first weeks of the season, Most Damage Dealt began rebranding himself as "Crisis".


  • 2016

Player Roster


ID Name Position
Crisis Austin Baker


ID Name Position
Eli Elite Eli Ruiz Lethal Gaminglogo std.png Lethal Gaming
Will is Sick Will Lemons Team Solsticelogo std.png Team Solstice
Jam I am James Chase Team Solsticelogo std.png Team Solstice
Savatrocity Jeremy Camerer

Temporary Subs

ID Name Replacing Tournament

Tournament History

End Date Game Place Prize Event Players (Coach)
November 19, 2016 Script error: The function "game" does not exist. B919 - 20 - HCS Las Vegas 2016 Will is SickEli EliteJamm I ammMost Damage Dealt
October 30, 2016 Script error: The function "game" does not exist. A77 - 8 $1000 UGC St. Louis 2016 Will is SickEli EliteJamm I ammMost Damage Dealt
September 28, 2016 Script error: The function "game" does not exist. A99 - 12 - 2050 Chattanooga Will is SickFearnoiaImpulsionSavatrocity



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