Background Information
NameDaniel Franken
Country of Birth
BirthdayAugust 23, 1998 (age 22)
Asia Pacific
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Team History
??? 2015 - ??? 2015 Logo std.pngNew Born Talent
??? 2015 - ??? 2015 Team Immunitylogo std.pngTeam Immunity
??? 2015 - ??? 2015 Team Exile5logo std.pngTeam Exile5
??? 2016 - ??? 2016 Logo std.pngStraya
Apr 2016 - May 2016 Denial Esportslogo std.pngDenial Esports
??? 2016 - ??? 2017 Team Immunitylogo std.pngTeam Immunity
Jan 2018 - ??? 2018 Mindfreaklogo std.pngMindfreak

Daniel "Seduce" Franken is a Halo esports player, previously a player for Mindfreak.


Daniel Franken was introduced to Halo: CE at the young age of 3 by his cousin. He did not start competing online in the series until Halo 3. After skipping Halo: Reach and Halo 4, Franken found out about the Australian competitive Halo scene, then known as the Australian Cyber League (ACL).

Halo 2: Anniversary

Seduce's competitive career kicked off with the release of Halo 2: Anniversary. He immediately began placing well at Australian events, taking 2nd as a member of New Born Talent at the age of 15 alongside Purpal Haze, Bradlz and Royalfan at ACL Sydney 2015. He then joined the high profile Team Immunity alongside Heff, Blaze and Deano. They took 1st at ACL Melbourne 2015.

Halo 5: Guardians

Seduce spent a brief period of time on Team Exile5 alongside Praties, Jayden and Loberg, winning the PAX Australia 2015 invitational event with them. Seduce then returned to Team Immunity in the hunt to qualify for Halo World Championship 2016. With the help of Heff, Benno and Voltage, Seduce qualified for the World Championships after winning the Halo World Championship ANZ Regional Finals 2016. At Worlds, Immunity, playing with a sub in Junior for the injured Heff, finished in the bottom 8, still taking home $25,000 USD.

Following HWC, Seduce decided to move to North America at the age of 17. He eventually found himself on Denial eSports alongside Arkanum, Nemassist and the veteran OGRE2. In their bid to qualify for the North American Pro League, they finished at the bottom of their pool at the HCS Pro League Summer Qualifier 2016. The team broke up shortly after.





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