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Background Information
NameEric Wrona
Country of Birth
United States
BirthdayMay 3, 1991 (age 30)
North America
TeamTeam Reciprocitylogo std.pngTeam Reciprocity
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Team History
Apr 2008 - Apr 2008VVv Ambushlogo std.pngAmbush
Jun 2008 - Jun 2008Eon Instinctlogo std.pngInstinct
Jul 2008 - Jul 2008CoL Triggers Downlogo std.pngTriggers Down
Aug 2008 - Jun 2010ApeX Str8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8 Rippin
Aug 2010 - Nov 2010Believe the Hypelogo std.pngBelieve the Hype
Apr 2011 - Aug 2011Dynastylogo std.pngDynasty
Mar 2012 - Aug 2012Carbonlogo std.pngCarbon
Oct 2012 - Aug 2013VVv Ambushlogo std.pngAmbush
Aug 2014 - Sep 2014EXcellence Gaminglogo std.pngeXcellence Gaming
Oct 2014 - Nov 2014OpTic Gaminglogo std.pngOpTic Gaming
Nov 2014 - Aug 2016Evil Geniuseslogo std.pngEvil Geniuses
Aug 2016 - Dec 2017Team Envylogo std.pngTeam Envy
Dec 2017 - PresentTeam Reciprocitylogo std.pngTeam Reciprocity

Eric "Snip3down" Wrona is a Halo esports player, currently a player for Team Reciprocity. He is one of the most successful players in competitive Halo history, with twenty major event wins including the 2008 MLG National Championship and the Fall 2016 HCS Pro League Finals. He has had success with numerous teams, including Str8 Rippin, Ambush, Evil Geniuses, and Team EnVyUs.


Eric Wrona was born on May 3, 1991 and is from Zionsville, Indiana.

Halo 3

Snip3down began his professional career with an impressive 7th place finish attending MLG Meadowlands 2008 as a member of team Ambush with Eli, Gun Shot and sSilent. He then jumped around a few teams at the start of his career, attending his second event with Instinct. He and Lunchbox, Roy and Mackeo placed 2nd in San Diego. From there he went to Triggers Down and won Orlando with FearitSelf, Hysteria and SK. He then left to compete with Str8 Rippin in Toronto and won that event as well. Alongside ElamaiteWarrior, Legit and Tsquared, Snipedown had finally found consistency. He would stay with this team for the rest of 2008, finishing 2nd in Dallas and winning the National Championship in Vegas. In Vegas, Snipedown also won the 2008 Old Spice Rising Star award, earning a $5,000 prize. The roster stayed together throughout the entirety of 2009 where they would place 4th in Meadowlands, win Columbus, finish 4th in Dallas, 2nd in Anaheim and 6th in Orlando.

The Str8 Rippin roster would finally make a change in 2010, with ElamiteWarrior being switched for Heinz. They finished 8th in Orlando and 10th in Columbus. Snipedown then left to join Believe the Hype for the rest of the year. There he played alongside Demon D, Heinz and Maniac in Raleigh and finished in 6th. The team then played D.C. with TiZoXiC in place of Heinz, they ended up finishing 11th and proceeded to play at the Dallas National Championships with the same lineup, finishing in 5th place out of 8 teams.

Halo: Reach

Snipedown started 2011 on Dynasty with Destin, Tizoxic and GH057ayame and attended MLG Dallas where he finished in 8th. GH057ayame was then swapped for Heinz and they attended Columbus and Anaheim finishing in 3rd and 6th respectively. They played Raleigh with Cloud in place of Destin and finished in 4th. He and Cloud then left to join Maniac and Reliable in Snipedown's return to Believe the Hype. They would place 12th in Orlando and 3rd in Providence.

He would begin 2012 as a member of Carbon and attend Columbus with Ryanoob, Blaze and Assault, finishing 7-8th. The team would then attend AGL 1 Chicago and finish 2nd. He would join Blaze, Ryanoob and Ninja to form Elite 4 and attend AGL 2 Columbus where he would again finish 2nd.

Halo 4

Snipedown began Halo 4 back on Ambush, this time with Formal, APG and Heinz for the MLG Fall Championship 2012 where they would finish in 2nd place. They would then attend and win both AGL 3 Chicago and, with APG replaced by iGotUrPistola, AGL 5 Nashville. He then attended and won AGL Pittsburgh with the G4C Misfits along with Ninja, APG and Proverb before returning to the Ambush lineup to win both AGL 7 Knoxville and UMG Chicago 2013. Ambush then attended AGL 8 Knoxville, where they placed 4th at Snipedown's last Halo 4 event.

Halo 2: Anniversary

At the launch of the MCC, Snip3down represented eXcellence with Ace, StrongSide and iGotUrPistola and won the 2014 PAX Prime Showdown. He was then signed by OpTic Gaming and attended the ESL MCC Launch Invitational as a member of OpTic Gaming with Ace, Flamesword, and iGoturpistola and finished 5th/6th. Snipedown and iGotUrPistola left OpTic at the start of the HCS Season to join Evil Geniuses with Roy and Lunchbox. They finished 2nd at Iron Games Columbus 2014 and Snipedown was named MVP of the event. Following Iron Games, Evil Geniuses was forced to make a team change when Pistola was injured, and brought in Lethul to replace him. This squad placed 3rd at UGC St. Louis 2015. The same squad returned well practiced at Gamers For Giving 2015, and dominated the tournament, sweeping rivals Counter Logic Gaming in the finals to seize the #1 seed going into the season finals at PAX East 2015. At PAX, EG dominated, sweeping CLG 3-0 in the finals to win the event. Snip3down was eventually voted the MVP of season 1 by the community after being nominated by his peers.

Snipedown and Evil Geniuses kicked off season 2 at Iron Games Atlanta 2015, where despite losing the first series of the Grand Finals to Denial eSports, they were able to fight back and take the extended series 3-1 and win their 3rd consecutive event. At HCS Indianapolis, Snip3down and EG's dominance continued, as they won their fourth consecutive LAN event, this time not dropping a single series. At the HCS Season 2 Finals, Snipedown and EG finished in 1st, despite dropping the initial Grand Finals series to Counter Logic Gaming.

Halo 5: Guardians

The dominant EG lineup stuck together until January 2016, when Lethul opted to leave to join Counter Logic Gaming. In Lethul's place, EG picked up the relatively new Commonly. This lead to a rivalry between Snipedown and Lethul. At X Games Aspen 2016, EG won the first chapter of the rivalry, defeating CLG 4-3 in the finals and winning gold medals. At the HWC NA Regional Finals 2016, EG were defeated 4-0 in the semifinals by CLG, ending their historic tournament winning streak. At the Halo World Championship 2016 EG got reverse swept by Renegades to advance out of their pool in second and got the toughest draw of the tournament as they had to play Counter Logic Gaming in the first round of bracket play. CLG ended EG's time at Worlds quickly as they won the series 4-0 and sent Evil Geniuses' home with a top 8 finish.

Shortly after Worlds, EG dropped Commonly and replaced him with Suspector. The team qualified for the Summer Pro League at the PAX Invitational. At the conclusion of the season, EG sat in 5th place, not enough to qualify for Season Finals but enough to secure a spot in the Fall Season.

Despite the team's qualification, Snip3down left EG to join Team EnVyUs alongside Mikwen, Pistola and Huke during the offseason. After beating OpTic Gaming (formerly CLG) in a scrim, and later a Pro League match, the roster began to be considered as a threat to OpTic's position of dominance. At HCS Orange County 2016, EnVy finished 2nd, losing to OpTic in the finals with a 2-10 overall map count against them. A few weeks later, EnVyUs attended UGC St. Louis 2016 with OpTic member LethuL subbing in for the absent Mikwen. Under the team name Truce, referencing the former bad blood between Snip3down and LethuL, the roster took 1st place at the event. EnVy ended up finishing the season with a 13-1 record, good enough for 1st place. Weeks later, EnVyUs attended HCS Las Vegas 2016, where they finished 1st over five other Pro League teams, not including OpTic Gaming. Snip3down also won the FFA, taking home $3,000 for himself. At the Season Finals, EnVyUs successfully captured the throne as they defeated OpTic in two straight best-of-7s (after losing 4-1 in the Winners Finals) to secure 1st place.

At the first event of HaloWC 2017 season - UGC St. Louis 2017 - EnVyUs came out strong, but were again defeated in the WB Finals by OpTic. This time around, they were denied a Grand Finals rematch after losing to Team Liquid in a 5-game thriller. EnVyUs placed below 2nd for the first time since the inception of the roster. At ME Las Vegas 2017, EnVyUs easily qualified for Worlds with victories over Second Nature and Team CryptiK. They were then defeated 4-1 by Team Liquid, forcing them to make a Losers Bracket run by defeating Luminosity Gaming (4-3) and Pnda Gaming (4-1) to earn a rematch, which they lost 4-2, resulting in a 3rd place finish for EnVyUs. At Worlds, EnVyUs took an early loss to Splyce in Pool Play, resulting in a first round matchup against Team Liquid in the bracket. Liquid defeated them 4-3, sending them to LB Round 1 at the biggest tournament of the year. EnVyUs didn't die easy however, sweeping through Supremacy, TMMT Crowd Pleasers, Luminosity Gaming and Str8 Rippin before taking Liquid out 4-2 in a rematch and earning a spot in the Grand Finals against OpTic Gaming. OpTic made short work of EnVyUs, sweeping them 4-0 and taking their second straight World Championship.

At the first event of the 2017 season, UMG Daytona, EnVyUs won their pool with victories and started the Championship Bracket off with back-to-back sweeps. In the third round, EnVyUs went up against Oxygen Supremacy, a team from the Open Bracket coming off upsets over pro teams. EnVy dropped the first two games of the series but successfully rallied to take a 3-2 victory. In the Winners Finals, they were defeated by OpTic Gaming in their first matchup on the 2017 settings. After a 4-0 sweep over Team Liquid, EnVy moved onto the Grand Final and won two straight game sevens over OpTic to win their first event since the Fall Finals. The EnVyUs roster returned unchanged for the Summer 2017 Pro League season. They finished in an uncharacteristic fourth place with a record of 4-3. At the DreamHack Atlanta Finals, EnVyUs came out hot, sweeping Str8 Rippin and Oxygen Supremacy, but they were swept by OpTic in the third round. After sweeping Evil Geniuses and taking a 3-2 victory over Team Liquid, EnVyUs met OpTic again in the Losers Finals, where they were swept 4-0 and sent home in 3rd.

EnVyUs's performance in the Fall season was much stronger, as they finished in 1st place with a 7-0 record, dropping only four maps all season. At the DreamHack Denver Finals, EnVyUs beat CheckSix Gaming and Team Infused early before a third round loss to Splyce sent them to Losers early. EnVyUs struggled against the 5th seeded Luminosity Gaming but were able to win the series 3-2 and move onto the Losers Semifinals against Team Liquid, who handily swept them 4-0 and sent them home in a disappointing 4th place.

With the conclusion of the Fall season came the retirement of Huke, who transferred to EnVyUs's Call of Duty team. With Worlds season approaching, the EnVyUs Halo roster dissolved, with Snip3down and Mikwen landing on Team Reciprocity alongside Spartan and Penguin of Team Liquid. Reciprocity consistently placed in the top four throughout the first half of the season, resulting in the team holding the fourth seed going into MLG Orlando. Reciprocity finished fourth in Orlando, bowing out to Splyce and OpTic Gaming. Reciprocity improved on their Orlando performance at MLG Columbus, easily winning their pool to qualify for Worlds and sweeping Oxygen Supremacy and Renegades in the opening rounds of the bracket to clinch top three for the first time as a team. This was followed by a 4-1 loss to Tox. In the losers finals, Reciprocity lost a 4-2 series to eventual event winners Splyce and took a third place finish. At Worlds, Reciprocity won their pool convincingly and started bracket play off with a 4-0 victory over Str8 Rippin. The following round put them against TOX Gaming once again. Though able to take two games this time, they nonetheless fell 4-2. They responded strongly with a 4-0 win over Renegades. In the losers semifinals, Reciprocity had a heartbreaking loss in a game seven loss that featured Spartan's controller disconnecting at a crucial moment. Reciprocity went home in fourth place.


  • Snipedown has won at least one event as a member of eight different teams: Triggers Down, Str8 Rippin, Ambush, G4C Misfits, eXcellence, Evil Geniuses, Team EnVyUs and Truce.
  • Fittingly, Snipedown is considered one of the best snipers in the game by pros and fans alike.










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