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Storm Ventures
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Storm Ventures (SV) is a former professional Halo team, active during the 2005 and 2006 MLG seasons. It experienced a brief revival in 2012. Its most notable lineup consisted of Brett "Naded" Leonard, Brian "Legit" Rizzo, Ryan "Ramby" Mendez and Raymond "Poon" Soto.


Halo 2

Storm Ventures burst onto the scene at MLG Philadelphia 2005 with a founding lineup of Ramby, Poon, Samurai650, and MurfMan. They finished with a top 12 placing. SV returned at MLG Seattle with a revised lineup, having replaced Poon with Strongside. They finished 2nd at this event, though the competition was limited in comparison to most MLG events. SV's next event was MLG Los Angeles, with StrongSide replaced byTheSPFXmaN. They again finished in the top 12. Storm Ventures would not exist for the rest of the 2005 season, as Samurai would spend the remainder on XiT Woundz, MurfMan would attend an event on The Best Killers, and Ramby would sit out the final events of the season.

Storm Ventures returned for the first event of the 2006 season - MLG New York, with a new lineup. Ramby recruited original member Poon, Legit and a new face to the MLG scene, Naded. At their first event, SV would fight out of the open bracket and place 5th as the 18th seed. They showed that this placing wasn't a fluke in Dallas, repeating it at the event. SV were met with unfortunate circumstances in Anaheim, faced against the 3rd seeded Carbon early in the Losers' Bracket. SV were defeated 3-2 by Carbon and took an uncharacteristic top 16 placing. They battled back in Chicago however, defeating Carbon twice and taking the juggernaut Final Boss team to 10 games in the finals en route to a 2nd place finish. They were brought back down to earth in Orlando, placing 6th again after losing to Final Boss and XiT Woundz. At the New York Playoffs, SV were again limited to 6th place, after losing to a revised Carbon lineup and being eliminated again by XiT Woundz. The season ended on a sour note for SV, as they failed to win a match on the MLG Las Vegas National Championship bracket and took 7th place.

In the 2007 season, the members of Storm Ventures would go their separate ways. Legit and Naded were recruited by top team Str8 Rippin, while Ramby would go on to form Redemption with other veteran players. Naded and Legit would eventually reunite with Ramby on team Perfect Storm.

Halo: Reach

Naded resurrected the Storm Ventures name (as simply SV) for the MLG Winter Championship 2012, recruiting three star FFA players as his teammates: Hoaxer, Kampy, and Titomatic. SV placed 13-16th at the event.


  • 2005
  • 2006
  • 2011
  • March (approx.), Hoaxer, Kampy, Naded, and Titomatic join.
  • April (approx.), Hoaxer, Kampy, Naded, and Titomatic leave.

Player Roster



PlayerNameRoleJoinedLeftNext Team

HoaxerEmanuel LovejoyPlayer≈Mar 2011≈2011-03-??≈Apr 2011≈2011-04-??Fatal Ambitionlogo std.pngFTL

NadedBrett LeonardPlayer≈Mar 2011≈2011-03-??≈Apr 2011≈2011-04-??ApeX Str8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8

LegitBryan RizzoPlayer≈Mar 2006≈2006-03-??≈Dec 2006≈2006-12-??LeGendZlogo std.pngLGZ

NadedBrett LeonardPlayer≈Mar 2006≈2006-03-??≈Dec 2006≈2006-12-??ApeX Str8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8

PoonRaymond SotoPlayer≈Mar 2006≈2006-03-??≈Dec 2006≈2006-12-??Retiredlogo std.pngRetired

RambyRyan MendezPlayer≈Mar 2006≈2006-03-??≈Dec 2006≈2006-12-??Retiredlogo std.pngRetired

MurfManPlayer≈Jul 2005≈2005-07-??≈Nov 2005≈2005-11-??Retiredlogo std.pngRetired

RambyRyan MendezPlayer≈Jul 2005≈2005-07-??≈Nov 2005≈2005-11-??Storm Ventureslogo std.pngSV

Samurai650Sam SuyeyasuPlayer≈Jul 2005≈2005-07-??≈Nov 2005≈2005-11-??XiT Woundzlogo std.pngXiT

StrongSideMichael CavanaughPlayer≈Sep 2005≈2005-09-??≈Oct 2005≈2005-10-??Logo std.pngPHRE

PoonRaymond SotoPlayer≈Jul 2005≈2005-07-??≈Sep 2005≈2005-09-??Storm Ventureslogo std.pngSV



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Team Achievements

Recent Tournament Results (View All)
Halo reach logo.png2012-03-25B313 - 16 MLG Columbus 2012 Naded •   Kampy •   Titomatic •   Hoaxer
Halo 2 logo.png2006-11-19A77 - 8 MLG Las Vegas Championships 2006 Ramby •   Legit •   Naded •   Poon
Halo 2 logo.png2006-10-15A66$ 3,750 MLG New York Playoffs 2006 Ramby •   Legit •   Naded •   Poon
Halo 2 logo.png2006-08-27A66$ 1,500 MLG Orlando 2006 Ramby •   Legit •   Naded •   Poon
Halo 2 logo.png2006-07-23A22$ 8,000 MLG Chicago 2006 Ramby •   Legit •   Naded •   Poon



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