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Player has retired.
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Background Information
NameDoug Fabrizio
Country of Birth
United States
North America
Social Media & Links
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Team History
??? 2003 - ??? 2004Shoot to Killlogo std.pngShoot to Kill
??? 2004 - ??? 2004Logo std.pngPNV
??? 2004 - ??? 2004Shoot to Killlogo std.pngShoot to Kill
??? 2004 - ??? 2004Logo std.pngDug & His Buddies
??? 2004 - ??? 2004Logo std.pngUmmm
??? 2004 - ??? 2004Logo std.pngBusiness Decision
??? 2004 - ??? 2004Logo std.pngMorning Twig
??? 2004 - ??? 2004Logo std.pngBusiness Decision
??? 2005 - ??? 2005Logo std.pngFinG BLiPPeD
??? 2005 - ??? 2005Logo std.pngTunnel Vision
??? 2006 - ??? 2006Shoot to Killlogo std.pngShoot to Kill

Doug "Strangepurple" Fabrizio is a retired player. He is well known for his time with teams such as Shoot to Kill.


Halo: CE

Strangepurple began his Halo career in 2002, attending the first major Halo event, the 2002 Halo National Championships. He made it to the final round where he placed 6th. His next event was AGP 2, where he represented his XBC clan Shoot to Kill with BigSauce, Brese and Cyrax. They finished in the top 4. For the Halo50k, Strangepurple represented StK with Ogre1, Ogre2 and Dom1nator. They finished 3rd in the 4v4 event. For Halo50k2, Dom1nator was replaced by a returning Cyrax, and the new squad finished 1st, dethroning The Dream Team of Alex, Shizz, Darkman and Halo National Champion Darkman for the first time.

Strangepurple then attended the inaugural MLG event in New York with a new StK roster of himself, Brese, DrPoon and Pray4U. They finished 2nd, losing to The Dream Team. StK returned to form at AGP 3, where Strangepurple, alongside Ogre1, Ogre2 and Clockwork, finished 1st, and Strangepurple finished top 4 in the FFA. Strangepurple and StK then returned to MLG, attending MLG Philadelphia with the same roster, finishing 1st once again. At MLG Dallas, StK competed in the 3v3 event, with Strangepurple alongside the Ogres, leading to another 1st place finish. Strangepurple attended AGP 4 as a member of PMV with JMB, Laughfer and Pray4U, finishing top 8. He returned to Shoot to Kill for MLG Chicago alongside the Ogres and Saiyan, but they were defeated in the finals by Team FFA, a team composed of individually skilled players Walshy, Zyos, KillerN and Gintron. Strangepurple also placed 2nd in the Chicago 2v2 with Ogre2. The loss lead the glory-seeking Ogres to change up the team, and Strangepurple found himself on a new team for MLG Atlanta. His team, Dug & His Buddies, consisting of himself, JMB, NistiC and Toxin, finished 3rd in the 4v4, but Strangepurple's success continued as he won the FFA portion of the event. Strangepurple and NistiC then formed team Ummm with Alex and Darkman, and the team finished 2nd at MLG Seattle. Strangepurple again won the FFA at the event.

Strangepurple then took a mid-season hiatus, returning at MLG Los Angeles on team Business Decision with NistiC, Saiyan and Sergio. Strangepurple had a great event, with his team winning the 4v4, he and Saiyan taking 2nd in the 2v2 and taking a top 4 placing in the FFA. He returned at MLG Boston on team Morning Twig with Laughfer, Pray4U and Quinn. They placed 2nd in the 4v4 and Strangepurple won the 2v2 with Laughfer. Strangepurple then reformed Business Decision with the Los Angeles roster for the MLG New York National Championships, where they finished in 3rd.

Halo 2

Strangepurple attended the inaugural MLG Halo 2 event, MLG Washington, D.C. 2005, as a member of FinG BLiPPeD with ColoSsuS1, Pray4U and ShockWav3. Despite a strong 3rd place finish, Strangepurple did not compete at another Halo 2 event until MLG Philadelphia 2005, which featured a CE tournament as well. In the CE tournament, he played on team I'm Playin Like with Jownz, NistiC and Quinn, finishing 2nd. In the Halo 2 tournament, he played on team Tunnel Vision with Pray4U, NistiC and Quinn, and finished top 16.

Almost a year later, Strangepurple returned to Halo 2, representing Shoot to Kill at MLG New York 2006 with Monkey, NistiC and Quinn. They finished 15th. He returned once again later in the season at the MLG New York Playoffs 2006 as a member of f’n Blipped with Pray4U, Knowledge and Bizarre. His team finished outside of the top 15.

He attended his final event at MLG Meadowlands 2007, where he played on team IoS alongside ColoSsuS, Pray4U and fiorgasm. They finished outside of the top 32.



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Minimum place
Tournament tier
Strangepurple Tournament Results
2006-04-2313 - 16 MLG New York 2006Shoot to Killlogo std.pngStK Monkey •  Nistic •  Strangepurple •  Qu1nn
2005-07-3113 - 16 MLG Philadelphia 2005Logo std.pngTUNN Strangepurple •  PrAy4U •  Quinn •  NistiC
2005-07-312$500$ 500$500 MLG Philadelphia 2005 Halo CE 4v4Logo std.pngI'M  Strangepurple •  NistiC •  Quinn •  PrAy4U
2005-01-303$1,000$ 1,000$1,000 MLG Washington, D.C. 2005Logo std.pngFING PrAy4U •  Red Alert •  ColoSsuS1 •  Strangepurple
2004-10-249 MLG New York Championships 2004 FFALogo std.pngBUSI Strangepurple
2004-10-243$3,000$ 3,000$3,000 MLG National Championship 2004Logo std.pngBUSI Strangepurple •  Saiyan •  Sergio •  NistiC
2004-10-105 - 8 MLG Boston 2004 FFALogo std.pngMORN Strangepurple
2004-10-102 MLG Boston 2004Logo std.pngMORN Strangepurple •  PrAy4U •  Laugher •  Quinn
2004-10-101 MLG Boston 2004 2v2Logo std.pngMORN Strangepurple •  Laughfer
2004-09-263 - 4 MLG Los Angeles 2004 FFALogo std.pngBUSI Strangepurple
Total Prize:USD 4,500






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