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A panel of judges outside of the HCS team and across all Halo generations were selected and tasked with creating their own individual Top 25 lists.

  • Bravo – Former Halo Pro Coach, and Commentator
  • Elamite – Former Halo Pro, and Commentator
  • GoldenboyHalo Commentator (Also a Global Icon and National Treasure)
  • Clutch – Former Halo Pro, and Commentator
  • Walshy – Former Halo Pro, and Commentator
  • Goofy – Former Halo Pro, and Commentator
  • Mikwen – Former Halo Pro
  • GaskinHalo Commentator
  • Heinz – Former Halo Pro.

From there, a point value was assigned to each placing for each one of their lists. The 25th player on each of their lists received 1 point, and the 1st player on each of their lists received 25 points. Then, the points were tallied up for each of the players to create the final and official Top 25 list. The player with the highest total point value was named the Greatest Halo Player of All Time. The player with the 25th highest point value was named the 25th Greatest Halo Player of All Time.

In the case of the two players having the same exact point total, the tie was broken based on which of the tied players received the single highest ranking from one of the judges. For example, imagine two players were tied for 17th. Player A’s highest ranking on one of the judge’s lists was 12th. Player B’s highest ranking on one of the judge’s lists was 13th. Therefore, Player A received 17th on the list, Player B received 18th on the list.

The judges were given the following criteria and guidelines:

  • Focus on greatness in competition. External greatness around sponsorships, popularity, kindness, etc should NOT be a factor.
  • While 4v4 is the main competition and focus, consideration for other accolades including MVPs, individual tournament wins, and more can also be made.
  • Where possible, you should take statistics into consideration as well as including things like Kills, Assists, average placement, winning streaks, event wins, and more.
  • Other intangible considerations around reputation in the game, leadership, play-making abilities, eye test, and more can also be made.

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(1) OGRE2 - 219 Points

OGRE2 T25.jpg

The Greatest Halo Player of All Time - #1 OGRE2 (YouTube)

Tom is the winningest player in Halo history. With 5 MLG National Championship victories across 4 Halo titles and multiple season MVP awards, OGRE2 stands atop the pack as the greatest of all time.

With his unprecedented 14 year career and 40 LAN victories, OGRE2 set the bar for future pros. A true pioneer of gaming and a master of the fundamentals of Halo, Tom has left a lasting impact on esports forever.

"Some of the biggest creators and influencers out there today idolized OGRE2. They aspired to be on a team with him or to just have interactions with him... The impact, it's like throwing a pebble in the middle of a pond. That ring is still expanding and growing, still impacting esports, and that's timeless." - Sundance DiGiovanni

"I think he's going to go down in history as the greatest console player of all time. If you look at the tournaments that he attended and the success that he was able to accomplish in that time period, there's no one who is ever going to have a career like his." - Chris Puckett

"OGRE2 is the greatest console esports player to ever play any game, period. You're talking about the epitome of a true legend... The term “legendary”, you know we throw it around a bunch, "God-like" we throw it around - OGRE2 is that word." - Scott "Gandhi" Lussier

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(2) LethuL - 216 Points

LethuL T25.jpg

The King of Modern Halo - #2 LethuL (YouTube)

With tournament victories in multiple Halo titles, including 10 event wins and 2 World Championships in Halo 5, LethuL is the undisputed king of modern era Halo.

A familiar face in the Grand Finals, LethuL has finished top 3 or better in every major Halo event since 2014. His tenure only lends to his ability to win, and he's poised for victory with team Sentinels ahead of Halo Infinite!

"While LethuL may not have the longevity of some other top players, he took every team that he joined and elevated them from great teams to virtually unbeatable teams. There isn't any other player over him that I would rather take on my team."- Richie "Heinz" Heinz

"Every generation sort of has their players. At first it was OGRE2, then it sort of became the Roy and Lunchbox show. Now it has turned into, I think, the LethuL show."- Nick "Maniac" Kershner

"LethuL is a no bull**** Halo player who gets the job done, regardless of situation or opponent. His ability to make the right play in nearly every situation has led to major tournament success across multiple titles." - Andy "Bravo" Dudynsky

"I could talk about the accolades, championships, money, or longevity of his career, but I don't think that does him justice. What sticks out to me has been his growth as a player. His transition from being unbelievably individually skilled to understanding how to play efficient Halo at the highest level across multiple titles. His mentality and work ethic are unmatched. No one has put in more time into perfecting their craft than LethuL." - Wes "Clutch" Price

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(3) SnakeBite - 192 Points

SnakeBite T25.jpg

Halo Dynasty Maker - #3 SnakeBite (YouTube)

As the captain of a modern day dynasty, SnakeBite has claimed his spot among the Halo greats. From his individual skill to his unmatched mindset, SnakeBite sets the standard for what it takes lead a team to victory, and how to keep them there.

Paul's success with Halo began back in 2009. Since then, he's won 17 major events across 4 different titles. With 2 World Championships and a dominance that continues to this day, SnakeBite is primed for glory in Halo Infinite with team Sentinels!

"You have great players in Frosty, Royal2, and LethuL, absolute legends of the game. But consistency - that comes with the mindset and tone that SnakeBite set from day one. He's seen these situations hundreds of times and he's able to make the calls that will win his team the game. He's the most crucial piece to me." - Wes "Clutch” Price

"SnakeBite is a natural born leader who brings the perfect mix of consistency, play-making, shot skill, and the ability to read situations perfectly. He is a fierce competitor who hates losing, and rarely does." - Andy "Bravo" Dudynsky

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(4) iGotUrPistola - 186 Points

IGotUrPistola T25.jpg

The Pro with Magical Powers - #4 iGotUrPistola (YouTube)

Justin's elusive playstyle and outgoing personality made him a favorite among fans and pros alike. Already a legend, iGotUrPistola continues to define his legacy heading into his 15th year of competition!

With an illustrious career dating back to 2007, iGotUrPistola has recorded over 20 major LAN wins across 5 different Halo titles, including MLG National Championships in Halo 3 and Halo: Reach. iGotUrPistola is ready for Halo Infinite, and will be competing under the Envy banner!

"iGotUrPistola has adopted the nickname "The Wizard”, but he's more of a freak of nature. His ability to control his movement, outshoot anyone in any situation, and always make the right play is outrageous. He is, and will always be, one of the most individually skilled players of all time." - Andy “Bravo" Dudynsky

"From when he came onto the scene with his dominance in FFA, to being a center piece in two of the greatest dynasties in the history of Halo, iGotUrPistola has solidified his place amongst the GOATs. The crazy thing is... he's still building his legacy." - Wes "Clutch" Price

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(5) Royal2 - 174 Points

Royal2 T25.jpg

The Greatest Map Pressure - #5 Royal2 (YouTube)

Mat is a true Main Slayer. Consistently leading the league in output of damage and kills, Royal2 controls the momentum of every game with his methodical playstyle.

As an integral member of the reigning Halo dynasty, Royal2 has claimed over 10 major event victories, back-to-back World Championships, and well over half a million in prize money! Today, he prepares to dominate in Halo Infinite for team Sentinels!

"They always played around him. It's almost like in Chess - having a Queen placed perfectly near the middle of the board and all the other pieces are able to move freely because of how much pressure this one piece is. And that's Royal2." - Justin “IGotUrPistola” Deese

"Royal2 is the greatest slayer and sniper in the history of Halo. In my opinion, Royal2 has the most individual skill of any player I have ever seen. He is the most positive player in Halo tournament history, and I don't see that record going anywhere any time soon." - Wes “Clutch” Price

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(6) Snip3down - 171 Points

Snip3down T25.jpg

How Did He Master The Sniper - #6 Snip3down (YouTube)

As one of the most decorated players in Halo, Snip3down has won 24 LAN events with 8 different teams! Throughout his 13 years as a competitor, his intensity never diminished.

Eric hit the ground running with a historic rookie season winning 3 major events, including the 2008 MLG National Championship. Snip3down continued his dominance over the years winning tournaments across four Halo titles!

"Snip3down was an overnight success story who never looked back. He's more than just flashy multi-kills and unbelievable clips (though he's got no shortage of those) he seems to have the ability to make picks and plays that blow a game wide open at any moment." - Andy “Bravo" Dudynsky

"When I'm playing well, I literally call it Snip3down Mode. He is able to get in this zone where he just blocks everything out. He knows exactly what movements to make to hit that shot in front of him, and he'll do it like clockwork every single time." - Bradley “Frosty” Bergstrom

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(7) Roy - 158 Points

Roy T25.jpg

Halo's Best BR - #7 Roy (YouTube)

Roy's machine-like accuracy with the BR was unmatched, making him one of the most feared players in the game. While Roy is often remembered for his incredible skill, it was his positive attitude and integrity that left a lasting impression on teammates & opponents alike.

Justin started his career placing 4th at his first LAN event in 2007! Roy remained a force for 12 years winning 15 events, including an MLG National Championship and XGames Gold medal, before retiring in 2019.  "During his illustrious career, Roy was never excluded from any conversation discussing Best Individual Player. For almost a decade, Roy was known as the best shot of the game. At times it felt like his shot was more consistent than the sun coming up every morning." - Wes "Clutch" Price

"Roy will be remembered for obviously his great shot, but I think he should be remembered for his passion and how much his emotions fueled him in game. His legacy is cemented and he will be remembered for years and years and years." - Justin "iGotUrPistola" Deese

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(8) Walshy - 157 Points

Walshy T25.jpg

The First Superstar In Console Esports - #8 Walshy (YouTube)

For more than a decade, Walshy shined as one of Halo's biggest stars. He secured major sponsorship deals, national media coverage, and the adulation of fans across the globe.

Dave's extensive resume boasts over 20 major event wins, including a record 9 consecutive tournament victories, and 3 MLG National Championships! Few players in history can match his phenomenal success in pro Halo.

"You knew what you were going to get with Walshy, no matter what. You were going to get somebody who's going to do everything in their power to be prepared for any situation, who's going to surround himself with talent and make that talent better, and who hated to lose."- Sundance DiGiovanni

"Walshy was always going to give whatever he could to his teammates to make sure they were in the best spot to succeed, and he was always there picking up all the other pieces. He's got intrinsic motivation to be the best. No matter when the odds are against him, that little weasel is always going to be swinging for the fences." - Scott "Gandhi" Lussier

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(9) Lunchbox - 149 Points

Lunchbox T25.jpg

Halo Man With The Plan - #9 Lunchbox (YouTube)

Jason was committed to winning the match long before ever entering the arena. He dedicated much time preparing and testing strategies to stay two steps ahead of the competition.

In 2011, Lunchbox won the MLG Halo: Reach National Championship, but his domination didn't end there. In total, he took home 14 major tournament wins, including an XGames gold medal, before retiring in 2019!

"Lunchbox is the definition of versatility. He was in the right place at the right time, always. Everything he did was goddamn calculated! I know that's etched into a board somewhere, but it's true." - Andy "Bravo" Dudynsky

"Lunchbox's game was centered around making perfect decisions. He was known for his efficient style while saying at the highest level. When Lunchbox was on, he as the best player in the game." - Wes "Clutch" Price

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(10) Frosty - 142 Points

Frosty T25.jpg

How the MVP Broke Halo - #10 Frosty (YouTube)

In 2015 – the young Halo prodigy known as Frosty bursted onto the scene. Winning his first event within a year, he quickly made waves with his aggressive playstyle and game breaking mechanics.

Just two years after entering the league, Frosty won back-to-back Halo World Championships and went on to be named Halo 5's Best Sniper and Most Valuable Player!

"I think Frosty's early success is exciting because it feels like his career is just getting started. He's already achieved everything there is to achieve as an individual player. He's got his MVPs, he's got his World Championships. What's next for this kid?" - Wes "Clutch" Price

"You talk about flashy players all the time. You talk bout magic plays that players have made, but with Frosty it's every series. Every game, there seems to be a moment where Frosty does something that others would aspire to do once a series, once a tournament." - Mark "Onset" Hatcher

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(11) OGRE1 - 129 Points

OGRE1 T25.jpg

Dan's resume is unfathomable. From 32 LAN wins to placing Top 2 in 40 consecutive events, he shines as an esports anomaly. OGRE1 dominated for 6 years straight before retiring in 2009 with an extraordinary average placing of 2nd!

"While often overshadowed by his brother's longer career, OGRE1's consistency, skill, and ability to make the right plays cannot be overlooked. I don't think competitive Halo fans realize that if he wasn't an Ogre brother, we'd likely talk about him even more." - Andy "Bravo" Dudynsky

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(12) Elamite - 85 Points

Elamite T25.jpg

Kyle is a legendary player with major event wins in Halo 2 and Halo 3. From Str8 Rippin to Instinct, [[Elamite] staked his claim as the Most Winningest Halo 3 player by winning 6 events! Now he leads Spacestation Gaming's Halo Infinite team as the manager and Head Coach!

"Concistency is what defines aPG's career. Consistency in his playstyle, attitude, work ethic, and his placings. On top of that, he's one of the most skilled players Halo has ever seen. aPG is the epitome of a player who grinded his way to the top and stayed there through sheer work ethic and drive." - Andy "Bravo" Dudynsky

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(13) aPG - 83 Points

APG T25.jpg

Bradley is a player you just can't ignore. After breaking into the Pro scene in 2008, he's been a mainstay amongst the best. aPG has won 10 events in 12 years, and hopes to continue his dominance in Halo Infinite with Team Envy!

"Concistency is what defines aPG's career. Consistency in his playstyle, attitude, work ethic, and his placings. On top of that, he's one of the most skilled players Halo has ever seen. aPG is the epitome of a player who grinded his way to the top and stayed there through sheer work ethic and drive." - Austin "Mikwen" McCleary

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(14) Shotzzy - 82 Points

Shotzzy T25.jpg

From his unmatched movement to his insanely accurate aim, Shotzzy is a generational talent. His reign in 2018 was one of the most dominant we have ever seen, and the impact he left is ever-lasting.

"Shotzzy's mastery of movement, spawns, plus his ability to read situations perfectly, makes him one of the most outrageous players in the modern era. He can thrust slide into any situation and make a fool out of the most talented players. The term has been thrown around over the years, but he really is a young god." - Andy "Bravo" Dudynsky

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(15) Heinz - 78 Points

Heinz T25.jpg

Richie was one of the most consistent players in the game. After breaking into the Top 8 with Halo 3 in 2008, he made himself comfortable. 9 years and 10 event wins later, Heinz retired with an average placing of 4th!

"Heinz is one of the game's most underrated players. He has been one of the best since 2008 with Halo 3. Someone who has never cared about stats and did the dirty work. Richie always played for the win." - Kyle "Elamite" Elam

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(16) Ace - 72 Points

Ace T25.jpg

Aaron started his career with Halo 2 back in 2005. Since then, he's picked up 6 wins in multiple Halo titles, and he still continues to define his legacy today! Look out for Ace in Halo Infinite!

"Ace, the Halo 4 Global Champion. Just when you think Ace's career might be coming to an end, he always seems to put on a performance that brings him back to the top. His longevity of competing at a high level lands him amongst the best of the best." - Wes "Clutch" Price

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(17) Tsquared - 68 Points

Tsquared T25.jpg

From dominating the MLG Pro Circuit to educating the masses on G4, T2 is nothing short of a legendary Halo player and esports icon. Tsquared won 10 LAN events, including a Halo 3 National Championship, before retiring in 2015!

"Tom was one of the better leaders Halo has ever seen. His work ethic, in-game intensity, and sheer drive to win always had his team prepared to take the title. As a top notch power weapon controller, there's a reason Halo has always had a T2 combo." - Richie "Heinz" Heinz

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(18) StrongSide - 64 Points

StrongSide T25.jpg

StrongSide was the X factor! He joined Final Boss in 2007 as they bounced back against Carbon and dominated the season. StrongSide secured 7 event wins across 3 titles before retiring in 2014.!

"Few have ever captivated an audience quite like StrongSide. He bursted on the scene in 2005 and quickly rose to the top, ultimately joining and winning with the Final Boss dynasty. Through his charisma and unique playstyle, he was always a fan favorite and the hardest kill in the game." - Kyle "Elamite" Elam

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(19) Karma - 51 Points

Karma T25.jpg

Not only was Ben the most successful player in individual competition, he also won six 4v4 events, including the 2006 MLG National Championship where Carbon took down Final Boss!

"Karma's reign in 2006 has not been matched by many in Halo, or even competitive gaming. Ben's ability to do damage from all angles and situations was unbelievable, and it led him to become the most dominant FFA player the game has ever seen, and one of the best support players in 4v4." - Andy "Bravo" Dudynsky

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(20) Legit - 41 Points

Legit T25.jpg

Bryan was a force no matter the game or team he was playing for. From Storm Ventures in 2006 to Believe the Hype in 2015, Legit was always the factor.

"Legit's ability to BEAST MODE is what stands out to me. I believe he is one of those players who would play better with his back against the wall. Time and time again we've seen Legit step up big time when his team needed him most." - Faisal "Goofy" Khan

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(21) Victory X - 39 Points

Victory X T25.jpg

Cameron competed for 12 years, winning 3 events before retiring in 2017 with an average LAN placing of 5th! From Halo 2 to Halo 5, Victory X stayed amongst the top of each generation!

"Victory X might be one of the most underrated Halo players to ever play the game. He's quick, smart, efficient, and expects that his teammates will be too. He could single-handedly create openings, and through great communication, make sure the team capitalized." - Andy "Bravo" Dudynsky

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(22) Mikwen - 39 Points

Mikwen T25.jpg

Austin started competing in 2009, and made a name for himself with his explosive plays in Halo Reach. He secured event wins in Halo 2 Anniversary and Halo 5 before hanging up the sticks to join the 343 Industries internal Pro Team!

"Mikwen is one of the most individually skilled players in Halo history. His ability to open up a map for his teammates through his raw slaying prowess made any team he was on an instant championship contender. It was a privilege to team with him." - Richie "Heinz" Heinz

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(23) FearItSelf - 35 Points

FearItSelf T25.jpg

Justin entered the Halo scene in Halo 2 with Team 5K. He found his rhythm in Halo 3, winning with Triggers Down in 2008, then ending the 2010 MLG season with a 3-peat and National Championship on Final Boss!

"FearItSelf was without a doubt one of the best throughout all of Halo 3. He was the staple that Final Boss needed in order to revitalize the team name and bring them back to glory on their 3-peat to end the 2010 season." - Wes "Clutch" Price

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(24) Saiyan - 33 Points

Saiyan T25.jpg

Saiyan's career spans from Halo CE to Halo 2 where he dominated the scene along side Walshy and the Ogres. Before retiring in 2007, Ryan racked up 21 event wins with an incredible average placing of 2.9!

"Saiyan's reign during Halo CE and Halo 2 was a mix of incredible teamwork, ability to control power weapons, creative gameplay, and consistency. This recipe helped to jumpstart the StK/3D/FB era, and he may never get the credit he truly deserves." - Andy "Bravo" Dudynsky

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(25) RyaNoob - 28 Points

RyaNoob T25.jpg

Ryan has been competing on the professional level for over a decade and secured his first event win in Halo Reach. He will continue his legacy in Halo Infinite, competing under the eUnited banner!

"When I think of RyaNoob, I think of a player that could revolutionize the meta. The way he is able to shape a team and create space for this teammates is unmatched. It's these qualities that have allowed him to continue writing his legacy in the history of Halo." - Wes "Clutch" Price

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