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Staff Application

Hello River, I was just wondering if there's a staff position available? I applied months ago and when I did Ahawowow told me that someone was supposed to contact me about my application. This was awhile back (I think a month or 2 ago) that I submitted my application and I got no response. If you don't know, I am a staff member on the CoD eSportspedia site & would love to be more involved with this site. Just get back to me when you can. - Ghost (talk)

Past / Resolved Messages

Hey, can you move the AGL 4 Chicago page to AGL 3 Chicago? AGL 4 actually took place in New Jersey and was won by a team called Faded. Ahawowow (talk) 05:12, 10 February 2015 (UTC)

Logo std2

LewZz (talk) Hey River, could u take a look at this? I think this would be better than the current logo_std2 Logo stdDraft.png

Former Editor

Hey River I was introduced to the community by Doug a long time ago back when the site was the old eSportspedia.com page originally. I went from being pretty active to dormant because of stuff going on throughout the year. When the new site was made I still wasn't active so I never asked to be given my Moderator status back. If somebody could reinstate that it'd be very helpful. I frequently check the community Skype and pay attention to the community as a competitor so I haven't missed a thing. Recently I've been updating some player profiles or flat giving them an complete overhaul to make it look amazing. You can see some of the stuff I've done in my contributions. Thank you in advance. -Takedown

Page Request

Thank you for the safety adjustment. I appreciate it. I won $80 in $8s beating pros like SoulSnipe, Rammyy, Karmea, and some other top semi pros without pages recently and if you see my bio my page should have more than enough for it's own /Takedown page if possible. I'm also on a pro team scrimming recently with 2X world champion Frosty, Bound, and Sceptify so I hope considering all of us have won numerous tournaments for Halo each of us winning a lot of money if that helps. I've been streaming for 40-60 viewers and when I scrim with Frosty it's between 300-500 viewers, I was even mentioned on the pro talk On My X podcast for beating a pro team in tourney play Rammyy, Nemassist, Aries, and national champion Cloud. It's all on my page if you take the time to look for a minute I'm sure you can see when it comes to Halo I'm one of the biggest names in the community. I'm at $715 in earnings which is more than I'd say 95% of Halo players can say lol. I know I say a lot of stuff but take it from the world champ Frosty himself, "Takedown is content, he's a good player." -Takedown

Format Request

You said you fixed the format but you still can't see placings. You also removed me from the discord after I did nothing but try to list valid issues. Even Woodhouse said that. You guys are so unfair. If you had someone in charge that actually went to Halo events, knew the players, and spent their own money to compete and network as casters etc. it would be different. Instead they have no influence over any of that it's insane. Please site a fix for the format so we can see colors again and read what's on the site.

Redirect Request

Hey so I saw another old teammate of mine got a page and he had a fraction of the placings I had and I was outplacing him in many tourneys/beating him in Halo 5 so I thought that would've been some grounds for a page. I beat pro teams like Str8 Rippin with Rammyy, Cloud, Nemassist, and Aries for top 8 in the open series and with 12 top 8s and across numerous Halos I thought for sure that would be a 100% sure page. I've seen people get it for less. I was even teaming with Frosty, Bound, and Sceptify at one point beating the team that beat eUnited. That team has been in the top 2 for all of Infinite and all those players for Halo 5 as well. There's an entire list on my trivia of pros I've teamed w/ for different tourneys and some of which I was carrying/beating when I was in a match with them. It just seems like after being in the community 17 years that would warrant people being able to read about what I've done on a main page. The fact I can talk about exploits for months of stories and people come to me asking about different tourneys where we beat so and so pro for top 8 it just doesn't make sense. If I'm outplacing pro teams and beating them, I should have a page I feel like. Not many people can say they won a LAN against Goofy with a killtrocity for $125 to qualify for an invitational and then proceed to outplace 300+ participants in top 6 which also was the same thing I did at RTX 2016. Imagine 300 players on 2 occasions including such as WANwerd, Stress, ROB THE TURTLE, PiLEZ, etc. actual pros losing to me at an event and then wondering "Is this guy a pro?" Cause that's what Snipedown, Roy, and Pistola asked themselves over at HCS Invitational 2019 when I was at another major's grand finals and they all voted yes this kid could be pro at LEAST a semi pro. On top of winning about a $1000 players will compete at a high level and not amount to that for a long time. I've also teamed w/ different pros from the EU and ANZ regions not a lot of people have done that either. Not many can say they were on Reality Check with Suddoth 1 and Suddoth 2 and left. I have the screenshots to prove it I can link to you on discord it's Takedown#0824 please add me. I wouldn't have sat side by side at an event with Blaze, and Burton years ago if I wasn't at that level. I wouldn't have beaten Nebula, Eli Elite, Kaiss, and SoulSnipe for top 3 in a tourney with SneakyBran. I wouldn't have beaten Squalleye in my first online tournament for Halo 5 or beat Jimbo, Domey, and others for top 8. It just doesn't make sense cause if I can consistently not a few times but like 5-10 times prove over and over I can beat the players with blue name pages how could I not have something for people to read about on this site? I've made a lot of edits and contributed to this site for many years. I had thought I earned it a long time ago when I used to have a main page. I've beaten Nebula, Vemzii, Suppressed, and Avenue for $. There are a handful of players that can say they got to do $scrim matches with Spartan, Commonly, Swish, Danoxide, Vemzii, DRUK, etc. I may the only player who's even ACCOMPLISHED many of these feats. In a way I'm connected to the pros networked in more depth than anyone and if you ask a lot of pros they will tell you I've been told over and over, "Takedown Idk who's teamed w/ more pros or done what you've done. What I've done is truly special and there's a story behind every win for top 8, every upset, and every team I put together w/ great players. I would've had a lot of great LAN placings if I had the money to go to more events, but I've still preformed when I've gone. It takes a pro/semi pro level player to team with a multi tournament winner like CxLii, make a new tourney team and then beat them right after. I did the same thing with Glitchy, and also SneakyBran and only in reverse order. Some pros I was able to beat more than once, Idk what you and Esen want from me I've had top 8s in 4v4, 2v2, FFA, even dabbled in coaching pro teams at one point. I mean the minute I was on a pro team with Frosty that right there alone showed everyone I could win 2-3 $ matches 4-1 and 4-2 at the highest level and should show I was well inside the top 8. Frosty and Bound and even Sceptify won tourneys they were on the #1 teams, not #2, not #5, not #8, #1. There's an INSANE skillgap between where you don't have a page below top 16s and the level against a top level team I was able to beat. There are pros that have been in the top 8 for a decade but never have gotten to team with Frosty but I did. We were friends as kids, we're locals, and I've gone and won many of those in my own city for a lot of money. At some point all those people have to ask how is this guy winning? He's got a page you shouldn't be surprised he's done this sort of thing dozens of times. Nothing surprises people anymore when I pop off, even in streams with hundreds of viewers for Infinite the casters are saying that and talking about my top 8 streak in Halo 5. If you're mad at me for applying I apologize, I just think countless pros will tell you if I haven't missed a tourney in 8 years and done well I'm someone of note as apposed to a new player who just started competing this year getting a page, yk? I'm sorry if I give you any trouble, really, I just want to show my worth.