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Team has disbanded.
VwS Gaming
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United States
North America
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VwS Gaming is an American esports organization. They have notably fielded Halo teams in both North America and Europe.


Halo: Reach

VwS started out as a community Halo clan. As early as 2012, teams represented VwS at events, with the first notable instance being the roster of Paradigm, Suh Suh Sweet, PROVERB, and Juicebox 4oz attending AGL 1 Chicago, where they finished in the top 8. At AGL 2 Columbus, the final major Halo: Reach event, a roster of ContrA, Fault Line, WinntuR, and Xrossfade competed as "VwS Bible", finishing 5th.

Halo 4

At the MLG Fall Championship 2012 Halo 4 exhibition event, Brake, NocturnalKernal, SickStory, and TheOnlyToxic competed as "VwS Empire". They finished in the top 24 at the event. At AGL 3 Chicago, WinntuR teamed with Very Nerdy, Bullseye, and Broadside as "VwS Underrated". They finished 4th at AGL 3 and top 24 at AGL 5 Nashville. At AGL Nashville, VwS also sponsored the Severance team of Aptitude, Gabriel, Goofy, and PROVERB. They finished 3rd as VwS G4C SvR. At Gamers For Giving 2014, VwS fielded a roster of WinntuR, Sargoth, Tragic, and Suspector. They won the event. At Iron Games Toledo 2014, Sargoth and Tragic teamed with NyceK (now "ContrA") and PreDevoNatoR, again taking 1st. For RTX 2014, Sargoth and Tragic reunited with Suspector and recruited Mikwen. They took 5th place at the event.

Halo 2: Anniversary

For the PAX Prime Showdown 2014, VwS fielded a roster of Mikwen, Naded, Goofy, and Legit as "VwS USA". They finished 2nd. The same roster finished 4th at the ESL MCC Launch Invitational. For UGC St. Louis 2015, VwS fielded a roster of Suspector, WinntuR, and Tragic alongside Nemassist. They finished in the top 12.


  • 2014
  • 2016

Player Roster



PlayerRoleJoinedLeftNext Team

RiotzMax CottlePlayerOct 20162016-10-19≈Dec 2016≈2016-12-??Logo std.pngAVAD

LunnyCasey LunnPlayerOct 20162016-10-11≈Dec 2016≈2016-12-??Team Vibelogo std.pngVibe

RamirezAndrew CorriganPlayerOct 20162016-10-11≈Dec 2016≈2016-12-??Team Vibelogo std.pngVibe

AnimaDave GrossPlayerOct 20162016-10-11Oct 20162016-10-19BitterSweetlogo std.pngbS

FlamezDaniel Marc YoungPlayer≈Aug 2014≈2014-08-??≈Dec 2014≈2014-12-??Dinosaurslogo std.pngDIN

SnakeyArkel BrownPlayer≈Aug 2014≈2014-08-??≈Dec 2014≈2014-12-??Excel Esportslogo std.pngXL

SnipedroneMichael JuchauPlayer≈Aug 2014≈2014-08-??≈Dec 2014≈2014-12-??Epsilon eSportslogo std.pngEpsi



C ID Name Position

Team Achievements

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Minimum place
Tournament tier
VwS Gaming Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
2016-12-03Q HCS Pro League Europe Fall 2016 Relegation Chalkie •  Ramirez •  Lunny •  Riotz
2016-11-035$4,000$ 4,000$4,000 HCS Pro League Europe Fall 2016 Regular Season Chalkie •  Ramirez •  Lunny •  Anima •  Riotz
2016-02-065 - 8 Halo World Championship 2016 North America Last Chance Qualifier Stillmatic •  Impulsion •  Sniping Demon •  v t3ct9
2016-01-169 - 16 Halo World Championship 2016 Mexico Qualifier #1 ILed Charly •  Mike SixeL •  iNinja TB •  XFoggierL
2015-01-115 - 6 HCS North America Season 1 Cup 3 Nemassist •  Suspector •  WinntuR •  Tragic
2015-01-049 - 12$200$ 200$200 UGC St. Louis 2015 Nemassist •  Suspector •  Tragic •  WinntuR
2014-11-305 - 6 Gfinity London 2014 Flamez •  Snipedrone •  Snakey •  Deany
2014-11-235 - 6 Multiplay Insomnia 53 Snakey •  Deany •  Flamez •  Snipedrone
2014-11-094$4,000$ 4,000$4,000 Halo MCC Launch Invitational Naded •  Legit •  Goofy •  Mikwen Wolfmayne
2014-09-012$1,500$ 1,500$1,500 PAX Prime Showdown 2014 Goofy •  Mikwen •  Naded •  Legit
Total Prize:USD 9,700 • GBP 0



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