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Team has disbanded.
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Team Information
Org Location
United States
North America
Created (1)2010-04-??
Disbanded (1)2011-11-??
Created (2)2012-03-??
Disbanded (2)2013-06-??

Warriors is a former American Halo team that was active on the MLG and AGL Pro Circuits from 2010 to 2013. They were dubbed "the Heart Attack Kids" by fans due to their frequent Losers Bracket runs and tendency to come out on top in close matches.


Halo 3

Warriors was formed during the 2009-10 offseason by Brake, Sypher, Goofy, and Nightmare. They debuted at MLG Orlando 2010, placing a respectable 12th. Following Orlando, Goofy and Brake parted ways with zNightmare and Sypher and joined forces with NocturnalKernal and arealygoodnoob (later known as "RyaNoob"). The new Warriors had a breakout event in Columbus, pulling off a big 6-5 upset in Losers Round 7 over Triggers Down and ultimately placing 5th after being eliminated by Believe the Hype. Goofy's sniping theatrics in the final game against Triggers Down have stood the test of time as one of the biggest clutch plays in the competitive lifespan of Halo 3. Despite the career-high placing for everyone on the roster, Warriors parted ways with Goofy after the event and picked up Robbie B. The new Warriors roster placed 5th again in Raleigh, eliminated by Status Quo. After the event, Warriors made yet another roster change, this time replacing the departing RyaNoob with 15-year-old prodigy SnakeBite. At MLG D.C., Warriors finished 5th again, making a dramatic Losers Bracket run which included a 6-5 victory over Heaven and Earth before finally being eliminated by Final Boss. This placing gave Warriors enough points to qualify for the MLG Dallas Championships 2010 as the 7th seed. In Dallas, Warriors were notably the only team at the event to not have any players involved in the All Star Classic. The team did not have a good event, being swept in their first matches in both the Winners Bracket (by Instinct) and the Losers Bracket (by Believe the Hype) resulting in a disappointing 7th place finish.

Halo: Reach

With a new Halo game came a new Warriors roster, as SnakeBite and Robbie B parted ways with NocturnalKernal and founding member Brake and picked up two proven winners in ElamiteWarrior and StrongSide. At the kickoff event in Dallas, Warriors had a career high placing of 4th after another impressive Losers Bracket run including a 3-2 victory over reigning National Champions Final Boss. They were ultimately eliminated by Believe the Hype in a 3-0 sweep. For the first time, Warriors went a transfer period without making a team change. In Columbus, Warriors had a much more difficult time, finishing 4th in their pool after an upset loss to Reality Check and ultimately being eliminated after a 6-4 loss to Victorious Secret which sent them home in 12th place. Following the poor placing, the Warriors roster was revamped again, with SnakeBite and StrongSide joining forces with Dersky and TwYLighT. Faced with another 4th place pool finish in Anaheim, the "Heart Attack Kids" delivered their most dramatic Losers Bracket run yet, outlasting five teams before finally being eliminated in a nailbiting 6-5 series against Fnatic Classic, which sent them home in 4th place. Warriors again stuck together after their fourth place finish, and again delivered a less impressive at the following event, this time in Raleigh. Emerging from their 3rd place Pool Play finish in Losers Round 5, Warriors were able to eliminate only two teams before another loss to Fnatic Classic sent them home, this time in 8th. Following the disappointing placing, SnakeBite and Dersky parted ways with StrongSide and TwYLighT, picking up Royal2 and Halo 3 National Champion Clutch. After another 3rd place pool finish in Orlando, Warriors executed yet another Losers Bracket run, eliminating Believe the Hype, apex Revolution (featuring StrongSide), Triggers Down and Status Quo before a 6-5 loss to eventual event winners THO Infamous sent them home with new a new team-high placing of 3rd. At the Providence National Championships, things looked grim for Warriors after an early 3-0 loss to Active Rush put them in a bad position, but they pulled out yet another Losers Bracket run, defeating apeX LINK, THO Infamous, Status Quo, Dynasty, Fnatic Classic and Believe the Hype to make it to their first ever Grand Final against Instinct. Instinct won the match 3-0, sending the Warriors home as National Champion runners-up.

During the offseason, the 2011 Warriors lineup disbanded as the members all left for other teams. The name was revived in March 2012 leading up to MLG Columbus 2012 by former member Goofy alongside Crimsix, Legit, and SneakEBeaver. The new roster finished top 6 at the event after losses to Dynasty in both the Winners and Losers Brackets. Both Crimsix and SneakEBeaver retired after this event, Crimsix going on to become one of the most successful Call of Duty players of all time and SneakEBeaver not returning until the 2015 Halo 2: Anniversary season.

Halo 4

Going into Halo 4, Warriors made roster changes, with Goofy and Legit joining forces with Ninja and a returning RyaNoob. Warriors took 1st place at the MLG Dallas 2012 exhibition tournament, the first ever event wins for Ninja and Goofy. The winning lineup returned at AGL 3 Chicago, where they finished as runners-up to the Ambush squad which would dominate most of the remainder of Halo 4. The roster returned at AGL 5 Nashville and was again defeated in the finals by Ambush. After AGL 5, RyaNoob left the team to join Classic, leaving Warriors to pick up APG. The new roster took 4th place at AGL 7 Knoxville. The same roster returned two weeks later at UMG Chicago 2013 where they placed 3rd. The Warriors name was retired after this event.


  • 2010
  • 2011
  • 2012
  • 2013

Player Roster



PlayerRoleJoinedLeftNext Team

APGBradley LawsPlayerJun 20132013-06-01Jul 20132013-07-01Classiclogo std.pngCls

NinjaTyler BlevinsPlayer??? 2012≈2012-??-??≈Jul 2013≈2013-07-??Cloud9logo std.pngC9

GoofyFaisal KhanPlayerMar 20122012-03-01Jul 20132013-07-01Infamouslogo std.pngInf

LegitBryan RizzoPlayer≈Mar 2012≈2012-03-??≈Jul 2013≈2013-07-??Believe the Hypelogo std.pngBtH

RyaNoobRyan GeddesPlayer??? 2012≈2012-??-??≈Jun 2013≈2013-06-??Infamouslogo std.pngInf

CrimsixIan PorterPlayerMar 20122012-03-01Jun 20122012-06-01Retiredlogo std.pngRetired

SneakEBeaverRyan PolkPlayerMar 20122012-03-01Jun 20122012-06-01Active Rushlogo std.pngAR

ClutchWeston PricePlayerSep 20112011-09-01Nov 20112011-11-01Believe the Hypelogo std.pngBtH

Royal2Mathew FiorantePlayer≈Sep 2011≈2011-09-??≈Nov 2011≈2011-11-??Status Quologo std.pngsQ

DerskySean SwiderskyPlayer≈Jul 2011≈2011-07-??≈Nov 2011≈2011-11-??Dynastylogo std.pngDyn

SnakeBitePaul DuartePlayer≈Jun 2010≈2010-06-??≈Nov 2011≈2011-11-??Status Quologo std.pngsQ

TwYLighTLee SantosPlayer≈Jul 2011≈2011-07-??≈Sep 2011≈2011-09-??Carbonlogo std.pngCbN

StrongSideMichael CavanaughPlayer??? 2011≈2011-??-??≈Sep 2011≈2011-09-??Str8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8

ElamiteWarriorKyle ElamPlayer??? 2011≈2011-??-??≈Jul 2011≈2011-07-??Str8 Rippinlogo std.pngStr8

Robbie BRobbie BordieriPlayerJun 20102010-06-01Jul 20112011-07-01Carbonlogo std.pngCbN

BrakeKevin ZimmermanPlayerApr 20102010-04-01Jan 20112011-01-01Soullogo std.pngSoul

GoofyFaisal KhanPlayerApr 20102010-04-01Jun 20102010-06-01Darkest Hourlogo std.pngDH

SypherPatrick HynesPlayerApr 20102010-04-01Jun 20102010-06-01Classiclogo std.pngCls



C ID Name Position

Team Achievements

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Minimum place
Tournament tier
Warriors Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
2022-05-164 Esports Arena Series E 2022 Season 2 Qualifier #2
2020-11-272$400$ 400$400 FACEIT MCC Pro Series 15 Rayne •  Shele •  Goofy •  RyaNoob
2020-11-202$400$ 400$400 FACEIT MCC Pro Series 14 Rayne •  Shele •  Goofy •  RyaNoob
2020-11-132$400$ 400$400 FACEIT MCC Pro Series 13 Rayne •  Shele •  Goofy •  RyaNoob
2020-11-061$600$ 600$600 FACEIT MCC Pro Series 12 RyaNoob •  Goofy •  Rayne •  Shele
2020-10-232$400$ 400$400 FACEIT MCC Pro Series 11 Rayne •  Shele •  Goofy •  RyaNoob
2020-10-163 - 4 FACEIT MCC Pro Series 10 Ryanoob •  Rayne •  Goofy •  Shele
2020-10-091$600$ 600$600 FACEIT MCC Pro Series 9 Rayne •  Shele •  Goofy •  RyaNoob
2013-06-233$1,000$ 1,000$1,000 UMG Chicago 2013 aPG •  Goofy •  Legit •  Ninja
2013-06-094 AGL 7 Knoxville aPG •  Goofy •  Legit •  Ninja Kalvin
Total Prize:USD 3,800



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