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Matthew Leto was born on December 1, 1983. He is from Allen, Texas.

Halo: CE

Zyos' first foray into competitive Halo came in late 2002 at AGP 1, where he placed 5-8th as a member of "Battle Frenzy" with Mattdwall, Cpt Kickass and Nighthawk, and 2nd in the FFA event. This FFA placing was enough to earn a spot on The Dream Team with Alex, Shizz and Halo National Champion Darkman. Zyo's first event with TDT was AGP 2, which they won. In the FFA, Zyos was upset early and ended up finishing in the top 64. TDT then attended the Halo50k, where Zyos won the 4v4 with TDT, placed 2nd in the 2v2 with Alex, and 4th in the FFA. Zyos then attended the iGames Nationals event, where he finished 1st in the FFA. Zyos and TDT returned at Halo50k2, where they placed 2nd, losing to Shoot to Kill, featuring the Ogre twins Ogre 1 and Ogre 2, who Zyos would develop a rivalry with. Zyos would then attend the 2003 World Cyber Games in Seoul, South Korea, representing the United States and defeating France's Mat Logan in the finals to win the $20,000 grand prize. t was around this time that Zyos and The Dream Team became the first players to sign contracts with Major League Gaming. They attended the inaugural MLG event at MLG New York, where TDT won in the 4v4 and Zyos won the FFA. The Dream Team returned at AGP 3, where they placed an uncharacteristic top 8, and Zyos finished top 8 in the FFA, closing out 2003 on a low note.

Following his unsuccessful outing with TDT at AGP 3, Zyos started off 2004 by joining a new team - Shoot Back with teammates Csquared, Damien and NistiC. They finished 3rd. Zyos then joined No Talent with ali and Toxin for MLG's first and only 3v3 event in Dallas, where they placed 5-8th, though Zyos finished 2nd in the FFA. Zyos then recruited Anti, KillerN and Shizz to form Amazing Pickles for AGP 4, where they finished 2nd. Coming off these disappointing placements for someone whose mentality was centered on winning and nothing else, Zyos left Amazing Pickles with KillerN and they teamed up with fellow individually skilled players Walshy and Gintron to form Team FFA. FFA was a success, winning at MLG Chicago (Zyos won the FFA here) and MLG Atlanta, finally toppling StK and the Ogre twins. Unfortunately for Zyos, Walshy and KillerN left FFA to team with the Ogres, and Gintron left as well, leaving Zyos to team with Boo, Methodz and Tupac as F Gintron for MLG Seattle. This roster would place 3rd at its only event. Zyos and Tupac would then team with Toxin and Tsquared in a return to "No Talent" for AGP 5, where they finished 2nd, falling to Domination in the finals.

Zyos found success again when he formed YES!!! with Scythe, Slim and Tsquared. This roster attended MLG San Francisco and won the 4v4 competition. Zyos swept the event, winning the FFA competition and the 2v2 competition (with Tsquared). For MLG Los Angeles, Zyos formed MVP's Unite with star players Darkman, Clockwork and Mighty. They placed 2nd. Zyos then attended the 2004 World Cyber Games and again won, this time defeating Canada's G-SpOt in the finals. Zyos again opted for a new team at the MLG New York National Championships, forming the Filthy Jackalopes with Gintron, Toxin and Tupac. This team would fall to the Ogres and Zyos' former teammates Walshy and KillerN on Domination in the finals and place 2nd. However, Zyos would defeat Ogre 2 in the FFA to become the first ever Halo National FFA Champion.

Halo 2

Zyos (right) with former teammate Tsquared at the MLG Fall Championship 2012.

Zyos started off the inaugural Halo 2 season on team Check Six with Sergio, Tsquared and Tupac. They placed 2nd at MLG D.C.. Tupac and Tsquared would then be swapped out for Toxin and KillerN, and they would place 2nd at the next two events. The team ended with a 5-6th placing at MLG Orlando 2005, prompting Zyos to form MLG Rockford with Fonzi, Foulacy and Karma. This roster would last only one event, taking 3rd place in St. Louis. Karma would then be swapped out for Tsquared and the team would take the name Str8 Rippin. Str8 won MLG Philadelphia and stuck together, renaming the team TmG. As TmG, the roster again found success, winning MLG Las Vegas 2005. Zyos won the FFA in Vegas as well. Zyos would then leave TmG to join IGS Monglers with Defy, Vash and Gandhi. This roster would go on to win MLG Nashville. Zyos returned to "TmG" with the former roster for Atlanta, but this time they would place 2nd. For the 2005 National Championships in New York, Zyos would form XiT Woundz with Bonfire, Itwasluck and Samurai650. This roster would take 4th place, again denying Zyos a 4v4 National Championship.

Zyos returned to Check Six for the start of the 2006 season with Bonfire, Itwasluck and KillerN. They placed 4th at MLG New York 2006. The team stuck together but changed names to XiT Woundz and placed 7th at MLG Dallas 2006. This would be Zyos' last Halo tournament, as he would retire shortly after the career-low placing.


  • Zyos is the all-time leader in major FFA tournament wins, with 10. (Tied with Karma)
  • Zyos holds the record for best average placing at Major League Gaming events with an (AP) of: 2.26 (minimum 20 tournaments attended)
  • Zyos made a living playing Halo professionally during a time when prize money was much lower and top-weighted than it is today. As a result, he had a "first or nothing" attitude, and was known for sporadically switching teams despite what many would call good placings.
  • Zyos was the first player to sign a contract with Major League Gaming.
  • Zyos was interviewed for the book, Halo Effect: An Unauthorized Look at the Most Successful Video Game of All Time.
  • After retiring, Zyos made a living playing poker in Las Vegas.

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