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Background Information
NameKim A. Brurok Stokkeland
Country of Birth
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Team History
??? 2011 - ??? 2013Logo std.pngeNigma
??? 2013 - ??? 2015Team Vibelogo std.pngTeam Vibe
??? 2015 - Nov 2015Epsilon eSportslogo std.pngEpsilon eSports
Nov 2015 - Sep 2016Team Orbitlogo std.pngTeam Orbit

Kim "Zyruz" Stokkeland is a professional Halo player, currently a Free Agent.


Halo 3

Zyruz started off his competitive career at the last and final Halo 3 event (ECL Liverpool 2010) with The Business, where he placed 13th losing to "How Many Pre-LANS?" (JC, L3w, Ramirez, Impact).

Halo Reach

Halo 4

Halo 2: Anniversary


  • Controller setup - 4 sensitivity, vibration, bumper jumper

Team and Tournament History

Game Event Place Team Teammates (Coach)
Halo 2a logo.png PAX East 2015 A99 Team Vibelogo std.pngTeam Vibe ChalkieBlackJackRamirezSeptic
Halo 2a logo.png EGL Battle of Europe 2015 A33 Epsilon eSportslogo std.pngEpsilon eSports ReactionBUK20JimbossitySnipedrone
Halo 2a logo.png ESL Gamesom Showdown A55 - 8 Team Vibelogo std.pngTeam Vibe BrightsideHybridSeptic
Halo 3 logo.png Insomnia51 A44 Team Vibelogo std.pngTeam Vibe SeptictranQOnset
Halo 3 logo.png Insomnia51 (FFA) A55
Halo 4 logo.png Halo 4 Global Championship C020
Halo 4 logo.png EGL 9 A11 Team Vibelogo std.pngTeam Vibe NinjaSepticHybrid
Halo 4 logo.png Reflex GT Winter 2013 A33 Logo std.pngTEC BlackoutSepticHybrid
Halo reach logo.png Reflex GT 8 A55 Logo std.pngeNigma ExeptionSinderZankioh
Halo reach logo.png EGL 7 A55 Logo std.pngeNigma JCL3WImpact
Halo reach logo.png EGL 5 A55 - 6 Logo std.pngeNigma AzCalzoJ Flux
Halo reach logo.png EGL 4 A55 Logo std.pngeNigma ExeptionSinderBodyLotion
Halo reach logo.png Reflex GT 4 A22 Logo std.pngLions ExeptionSinderBodyLotion
Halo 3 logo.png ECL Liverpool B313 Logo std.pngThe Business ArcanewindstranQBodyLotion

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